The Winters Of 1932

The 1932 winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY was nearly ruined by warm weather. There was no snow two weeks before the games started.


12 Feb 1932, Page 2 – at

Later that year, almost the entire country east of the Mississippi was over 60 degrees on Christmas Day


CO2 was 305 PPM at the time.

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  1. Password Protected says:

    In this story of the day, multi media age of instant messaging, looking only at the calamity of the day, the World’s history goes untold.
    Earth has always challenged human (and all) life.
    It is the guilt ridden progressive mindset that is new. “Our fault” oh no!
    Reliable temperature records go back a few decades. Even the best proxy records are unsuitably accurate to describe the changes the alarmist chime.
    A scam through and through.

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