Aliens Return To Roswell

In 1949, the first illegal aliens arrived in Roswell, New Mexico.


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More recently, New Mexico has been plagued by an endemic alien problem common throughout the west – the carpetbagging progressive Udall. (Here in Colorado we recently exterminated our Udall, but New Mexico still has one on the loose.)  Senator Tom Udall is convinced that all of the trees in New Mexico are doomed, as are winter sports.


Roswell is expecting their largest snowfall on record today, 12+ inches with 20 inches expected over the next two days.


That would beat the 1988 record one day snowfall.


The forecast storm total would make this the fifth snowiest year on record in Roswell, where snowfall has been increasing since the 1950’s.


The permanent drought appears brutal at nearby Ski Apache. I’ll be keeping an eye on it today as the drought progresses.


Just north of the New Mexico border, Wolf Creek Ski Area in Colorado was closed yesterday – due to too much snow.

Our top scientists at the IPCC say that heavy snowstorms will decrease due to global warming.

ScreenHunter_136 Feb. 09 12.39

IPCC Third Assessment Report – Climate Change 2001

And Britain’s top scientists say that children just won’t know what snow is.

Monday 20 March 2000

the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

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21 Responses to Aliens Return To Roswell

  1. J says:

    Life, as we know it, is OVER,

  2. oeman50 says:

    Tony, I wish you could send some of that snow this way, to Virginia. We had record high temperatures for Christmas. And wait, is that weather or climate, I forget…..?

  3. rah says:

    Your winter is coming according to the models. The whole Pattern is going to flip east to west and your more than likely going to get plenty of cold and snow for the first quarter of 2016 while those in the west and in particular the NW US that are getting slammed right now are going have warmer than normal temps during that period. It’s starting to work it’s way across the south right now as the models predicted with Blizzard warnings in NW Texas and :

    And it’s going to come across the south and up the east coast with colder than normal temps reaching up to NYC.

    We here in Central Indiana have flood watches and warnings out already even though the rain hasn’t hit yet. It’s going to be a very wet couple of days for us it looks like.

    • Nobama says:

      That’s good to hear, rah. We have so much warming in the NW right now the passes are closed and the lower elevations are drowning in drought. Not to fear though. Gov Inslee has promised to save us with taxes and regulation.

  4. omanuel says:

    Emotions, not rational thought, rules the world today.

    • omanuel says:

      The last paragraph of Aston’s 1922 Noble Lecture on energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms expresses:

      1. Rational HOPE &
      2. Irrational FEARS

      The survival instinct drove mankind to adopt post-WWII policies based on fear, rather than hopes.

  5. catweazle666 says:

    Steve, the link to the Independent’s hilarious piece no longer works as the article has been taken off the net.

    Fortunately however, Anthony Watts has preserved the piece for posterity here:

    Happy Christmas!

  6. ristvan says:

    A bit of true history on the Roswell UFO myth for Tony’s followers. My father was in part responsible for this nonsense. The supposed UFO crash remains Brazel found on June 14, 1947 were almost certainly the remains of failed MOGUL stratospheric test flight 4 (finally declassified in 1992). This was a series of tethered together modified weather balloons for meteorological research, plus looking for radiation signatures from possible Soviet nuc bomb tests. Each weather balloon carried a ML307B/AP radar reflector tracking target, designed and patented (US 2462102) by my USAF father, and whose construction involved balsa wood with scotch tape joint reinforcements just like Brazel found. But since the program was classified, nobody in the know could explain the truth, so the Roswell myth grew over decades all the way into the movie Independence Day.

  7. dmmcmah says:

    Udall is an arrogant jerk. I will definitely be voting against him next time he is on the ballot. Right now its snowing pretty steadily in the Albuquerque foothills.

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