NASA Recycling The 1970’s Ice Age Scare

Gavin has a new paper out explaining the cause of the hiatus (which he also just erased.) He says that burning fossil fuels is generating aerosols which are suppressing global warming.


“TCR is characteristic of short-term predictions, up to a century out, while ECS looks centuries further into the future, when the entire climate system has reached equilibrium and temperatures have stabilised.

Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels COOLS planet, says NASA | UK | News | Daily Express

This is the identical argument which climate scientists used in their last ice age scare of the 1970’s – during Watergate.


14 Jul 1974, Page 1 – at

NASA’s top climatologists reported the same thing in 1971, and made it clear that the effects of CO2 are not dangerous, and never will be dangerous.


Obama’s science adviser John Holdren reported the same thing in 1971, and predicted a new ice age in a joint paper with Paul Ehrlich.


John Holdren in 1971: “New ice age” likely · zomblog

Ehrlich also reported that the US would have food and water rationing by 1980.


6 Oct 1970, Page 3 – at

NOAA shot this theory down by the year 1977, so it is pretty remarkable that Gavin is trying to resurrect it in 2015.


27 Feb 1977, Page 1 – at

This endless cycle of mindless climate insanity and lies is what President Obama calls “settled science” – and wants to silence anyone who disagrees.

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5 Responses to NASA Recycling The 1970’s Ice Age Scare

  1. ralph says:

    Where’s the consensuses?? Where are the 97% that agree the world is warming because of your SUV? Why don’t they just admit that if they stopped lying they’d be out of a cozy government grant?

  2. noman says:

    Here we go again. I guess I’m starting to show my age.
    Starting to sound like a record with the needle playing the same thing over and over again. No wonder my father had a lot of off color remarks about some scientists. And on the other side of him my grandfather was very open about the same scientists. For you see he was born in the age where having big iron on the hip was normal.
    Merry Christmas from ARIZONA.

  3. papertiger says:

    Schmidt is making the pretense of nailing down the undefined climate sensitivity of co2.

    I’ve been beating warmers up over that since the IPCC downgraded ECS, while at the same time claiming 97% agreement.

    In effect they are saying that 97% of scientists agree no one has the foggiest notion about the basics of the global warming theory.

  4. Squidly says:

    Tony, you are a one-of-a-kind extraordinaire! .. This is a remarkable post! .. I hope Marc Morano gets this onto his Climate Depot site. You have a unique ability to bring all of these things together. Keep it coming! … Priceless!

  5. Password Protected says:

    Gavin thinks he understands something that is more complex than he understands.
    While that may be his own problem in one respect, his position of authority makes it the problem of others too.
    Climate science is in its infancy in many ways, as their model failures and need to adjust observations make evident.
    These people should be treated as explorers, not experts.

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