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Climatology Is Not A Science

Democrats refuse to listen to anyone who isn’t a professional climatologist about climate. This sounds like a sensible approach, until you realize who climatologists are. They are people whose living depends on pushing global warming alarmism. Consider the Texas State … Continue reading

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Katharine Hayhoe Texas Climate Fraud Update

Two years ago, Canadian Texas Tech evangelical Katharine Hayhoe, claimed in the movie “Years Of Living Dangerously” that heatwaves in Texas were becoming much more common, and cherry-picked a start date of 40-50 years ago to begin her analysis. Drought … Continue reading

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Global Warming Scam Has Been Dead For 75 Years

The US Government has known for 75 years that added CO2 has little effect on climate. That was the year Bernie Sanders was born. Climate and Man: Part One – United States Department of Agriculture, US Department of Agriculture – … Continue reading

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More Government Arctic Fraud

NOAA claims that their Arctic ice records began in 1979 Warmer air and sea, declining ice continue to trigger Arctic change This is not true. They have records going back to at least 1973. Winter sea ice in 1974 was … Continue reading

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