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Hiding The Decline In Missouri

One of the primary excuses used by NOAA to hide the decline in the US temperature record, is Time Of Observation Bias (TOBS.) The theory is that people used to be incredibly stupid and reset their max/min thermometers only once per day – in … Continue reading

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A Repeat Of 2014?

Arctic temperatures this year have been behaving almost identically to 2014, which went on to be one of the coldest summers on record  north of 80N. meanT_2016.png    meanT_2014.png

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Hiding The Decline In The US

A favorite scare tactic of climate alarmists is that we are going to burn up in scorching summer heat. The evidence is overwhelming that the exact opposite is happening. The areal coverage of hot afternoons in the US has plummeted over the last … Continue reading

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More On The CU Sea Level Screw Up

2004 version: sl_cu2004_rel1.2.pdf     2015 version: 2015_rel2 Based on comments yesterday, I am not sure that everyone recognized the gravity of this CU sea level disaster. Not only don’t the years line up on the X-Axis between the two versions, but in … Continue reading

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