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NASA – Doubling Sea Level Rise By Data Tampering

NASA has doubled 1880 to 1980 sea level rise since Hansen 1983. In 1983, NASA showed very little sea level rise after 1950. Now they show rapid sea level rise from 1950 to 1980.  1983: 1983_Hansen_etal_2.pdf  2016 :Sea Level This fraud should … Continue reading

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Climate Science – A Data Free Science

Scientists say that Silicon Valley is going to drown due to sea level rise. Facebook’s shiny new HQ will disappear thanks to global warming Had they done even the most minimal research, they would have know that sea level in … Continue reading

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NASA – Clueless And Dishonest

James Hansen told Congress in June 1988 that it was going to be the hottest year ever. But by December he had backed down because a La Nina caused temperatures to plummet, which he called “unusual Pacific Ocean currents.” Ellensburg Daily … Continue reading

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More Missouri TOBS

There is no meaningful difference in Missouri temperature trends between morning/night and afternoon stations. TOBS adjustments do nothing but corrupt the data set.

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