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History Is A Thing Of The Past

The disappearance of the Roanoke Colony in Virginia is America’s oldest mystery. It is normally described as “they disappeared without  a trace, other than a carving of the word CROATAN on a fence post.”  None of the colonists were ever found, though … Continue reading

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Moving To My New Site

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The Hottest Year Ever

Experts tell us that 2015 was the hottest year ever™, despite the fact that there was very little hot weather. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs During July, 1936 afternoon temperatures at Fairfield, Iowa averaged 19F hotter than 2015. Every single … Continue reading

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US Weather Is Getting Better

The area of the country affected by very hot days or very cold nights has been declining since the 1930’s. The frequency of very hot and very cold weather is also decreasing. The trend is similar for both very hot days … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun Of Fraud At NOAA

A new study confirms my assertion that NOAA’s Climate Extremes Index (CEI) is fraudulent. Since Americans first heard the term global warming in the 1970s, the weather has actually improved for most people living in the U.S.  …. For almost … Continue reading

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