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More Boulder Smoking Guns

I live in the epicenter of climate fraud, surrounded by NCAR, NOAA, NSIDC and the University of Colorado – who showed in 2004 that sea level was rising 2.8 mm/year. sl_cu2004_rel1.2.pdf By 2015, they had bumped that up to 3.3 … Continue reading

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Superstition Is Occurring With Alarming Frequency In The US

The New York Times believes that a warm Christmas in New York proves global warming, and that “Record-breaking temperatures are occurring with alarming frequency in the United States.” Global Warming Feels Quite Pleasant – The New York Times Like everything … Continue reading

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NSIDC Busted!

Reader Chris71 has discovered the smoking gun on the NSIDC web site. Read on. A few weeks ago, NSIDC put out this┬ápress release, claiming that 5+ year old ice is at its smallest level on record. ice at least 5 … Continue reading

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