Car-Free In USA

I’m at the end of week two of a three week long car-free trip to the East Coast, which will save me close to $1000. Besides the unavoidable plane fare – here are my transportation costs so far.

  • $9 bus fare Boulder to DIA
  • $5 bus fare BWI to Gaithersburg, MD
  • $5 train fare Gaithersburg to Boyds, MD
  • $8 bicycle tube
  • $0 parking
  • $0 gasoline
  • $0 rental car

So far I have ridden about 500 miles on the bicycle.

By using mass transit and a bicycle I have saved huge amounts of money, plus I love to ride and arrive everywhere in a good mood. Before the trip is over I will have visited three states and the District of Columbia on my bicycle.

Best of all,  I’m preventing 0.000000000000000000000001 degrees of global warming.


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  1. mat says:

    Yea right. Let us know when you drop the plane part in favor of your bus and pedal power…

    Then when refuse emergency services that don’t do the same..

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