Another 1988 Climate Fail

After James Hansen’s 1988 Congressional testimony, some people actually believed him and started making alarmist predictions of their own.

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September 29, 1988 – Great Lakes weather probed

All of the Great Lakes have gained water since 1988.

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GLWLD – Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard

Facts don’t matter to climate alarmists. They simply make stuff up.

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Chicago Tribune Archive | April 23, 1984

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3 Responses to Another 1988 Climate Fail

  1. Steve Case says:

    Facts don’t matter to climate alarmists. They simply [make]stuff up.

    Yeah, well they certainly don’t do the arithmetic. They rely on the fact that most people probably don’t the the arithmetic either.

  2. The drought of ’88 was amazing. Lake Erie at West Sister Island was so clear, we could see an anchor in 20 feet of water, 20 feet away from the boat, in waves, plain as day. Fish everywhere. There simply was no sediment coming into the lake. In a typical year, you might see 1-2 feet, unless close to the muddy Maumee River, when it might be 6 inches. I’ve seen 4 feet clearly since then at Put-In-Bay, but ’88 was unbelievable. Clear water but no crops.

  3. Psalmon says:

    When the Great Lakes are lower again, I hope people remember that humans lower them first, starting with Superior…”To reduce the risk of extremely high water levels on Lake Superior…”

    Superior has been managed by IJC to within 4-6 inches of record levels in the past few years and according to USGS data, outflows have been 20-25% higher than 2013.

    Superior almost got out of hand, rising almost 3 feet in just 18 months back in 13-14, an enormous quantity. To put that in perspective, an inch of water on Superior is enough annual water supply for 15 million people.

    Perhaps President Trump can put a end to the AGW scam before the next warm-dry cycle, but human intervention during wet periods will probably still be forgotten.

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