Backing Away From The Sea Level Scam

In 1994, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu wanted to evacuate the island to save themselves from rising seas.


07 Dec 1994 – Rising sea level: islanders fear it could mean Tuvalu – Trove

Since then, sea level has hardly changed at Tuvalu.


Data and Station Information for FUNAFUTI B

And after decades of hysteria, even National Geographic is starting to back away from the sea level scam.




Will Pacific Island Nations Disappear as Seas Rise? Maybe Not

Like everything else about the climate scam, sea level rise is just one more thing for scientists to lie about in exchange for grant dollars.

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14 Responses to Backing Away From The Sea Level Scam

  1. Billy Liar says:

    They will end up living like sardines in a tin if they don’t manage to keep the population growth rate at its current historic low:

  2. cheshirered says:

    Tuvalu vanishing under ‘accelerating, unstoppable, irreversible and catastrophic’ sea level rise kept the Guardian in hysterical reports for years. They’ll be reluctant to let this bad boy go.

  3. Mojomojo Eyesprize says:

    Tony what do you make of this?My guess is that its the effect of a strong El Nino current raising sea level in the western Pacific.

  4. Ron C. says:

    It doesn’t work that way Mojo. The PSLM network that includes Tuvalu shows sea levels are down. Data from SEAFRAME stations is here:

  5. gregole says:

    Inside of every “maybe” is a “maybe not” screaming to get out.

  6. Colorado Wellington says:

    So that’s what the Arctic is screaming at Mark Serreze?

  7. Athena says:

    Could the CAGW proponents illuminate us as to What was the cause of the submersion of the ancient Egyptian city of Herakleion – man’s “irresponsible actions” – or the use of fossil fuels – or the rise of C02 ???

    Likewise, the other ancient submerged cities –

    Nine Famous Underwater Cities
    Pavlopetri, Greece. …
    Port Royal, Jamaica. …
    Dwarka, India. …
    The Pyramid of Yonaguni or Yonaguni Monument, Japan. …
    Lion City, China. …
    Heracleion or Thonis. …
    The Temple Under Lake Titicaca, Peru. …
    Villa Epecuen, Argentina.

  8. RickS says:

    “I” have been “Surfing” for over “40” years !

    Huntington Beach is my favorite spot, followed by Newport Beach
    then many many others, from San Diego (Including a few Baja Breaks) to Santa Barbara !!

    Here Me now, and listen to Me later…

    Along the entire California Coast there has been “0” increase in Sea levels, and “0” = “ZERO” !!!

    The start and end of the sand is “exactly” the same now as it was in 1976, the Sea levels are “exactly” the same up against the Pier Pylons, Huntington, Newport, San Clemente, Redondo, Malibu, Blacks Beach, La Jolla, Trestles
    Rincon, and I could keep going and going and going………

    “0” rise in Sea Levels !

    At least here in California !!

    Now in Oregon and Washington it could be different, the Gulf Coast could be different, Florida and South Carolina could be different, and from what I’ve heard about New York, I understand that Manhattan Island is “currently” under water ??????? Sea Water !

    So “California” must be “Special” ???

    How Stupid !!!

    Point being, take the time to build your Arc, and park it at Huntington Beach (On the sand of course?), then sit there to wait until Hell freezes, about then, the California Sea levels “won’t” rise making You an “Idiot” for believing “Upper” Level “Idiots” who proclaim to be “Experts” but are really just regular “Idiots”, Just like You !


    • gregole says:

      I just got back from Huntington Beach, Ca where I was on a business trip. The owner of the company that uses my consulting services lives right off Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) across from Huntington Beach.

      We laugh our a$$es off about global warming and sea-level rise. His assignment is to keep his eyes on the Pacific Ocean and when it starts coming across PCH to let me know. I’m keeping my eye on the absolutely un-livable climate of Phoenix, Arizona (my home town…) and as soon as it is uninhabitable here ( I’m going to let him know.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I will let you know when permanent drought and flooding drives us out of Colorado. Right now the water is still standing in places and several people in Boulder told me they have an unprecedented mold problem at their houses. Drought is coming next.

        The climate change is also driving cats crazy. Longmont police took two separate reports of cats attacking owners on Saturday. Both cats were reportedly quarantined at their homes but I don’t think that’s a good solution to this problem. The police left the injured victims in the homes with the cats.

        This global crisis is not new as The Associated Press reported in 2010 from Farsley in Northern England.

        Only deniers think it’s normal when gentle house cats turn into vicious beasts and attack Royal Mail workers first and then turn on their owners worldwide.

        Everything seemingly is spinning out of control.

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