Burlington College Feels The Bern

I’m spending the summer in beautiful Burlington, Vermont – where Bernie started his political career and where his wife just bankrupted Burlington College – and walked away with $200,000. Democrats call stealing from hardworking Americans “social justice.”


BREAKING: Burlington College Closes Due To “Crushing Weight of Debt” Acquired By Jane Sanders | Heat Street

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20 Responses to Burlington College Feels The Bern

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Unfortunately, many leaders of academic institutions and research establishments joined the “ruling class” in selfishly betraying the basic founding principles of their organizations,

  2. Andy DC says:

    That is Uncle Bernie’s economic model for the entire country, if given the opportunity.

  3. Richard Keen says:

    Feeling the Bern is a sign of infection, and should be treated immediately.

  4. Stewart Pid says:

    Liberals don’t do math … ever!

  5. GeologyJim says:

    And Shrill-ary says if she gets elected (God forbid), she’s gonna put Bubba in charge of economic policy (double God-forbid!)

    For liberals, failure is a sure-fire resume enhancer.

    Of course, they never get stuck with the tab – that goes to the “little people”.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey GeologyJim! Isn’t there some law against Federal employees appointing their relatives to gummint positions?

      Oh, wait… it doesn’t matter either way. That whole “rule of law” superstition was thrown out decades ago. Sigh…

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Under the law, politicians elected because they feel our pain are allowed to appoint relatives who also feel our pain.

        • GeologyJim says:

          Don’t know your age, Jason C, but Shrill-ary is just proposing the reciprocal of what Bubba did back in 1992

          The scam was that, by electing Bubba, we “little people” were getting “two for the price of one” and Shrill-ary was put in charge of devising a scheme to create nationalized health care [ahem, all negotiated behind closed doors with insurance, pharma, and med-services players]

          Fortunately, the Repubs had a bit more spine back then and the whole thing blew up in the Clintons’ faces – leading to the first R majority in the House in 40 years

          Relatively speaking, those were about the last of the good-old days

          • Jason Calley says:

            Hey GeologyJim! Yes, I remember that whole fiasco, you are correct. If I recall correctly, Hillary even claimed during the election campaign that when Bill was elected, she would be “co-President”.

            Evil…. evil… evil…

            Our Demoblican politicians (with the sleepy acquiescence of most citizens) have effectively destroyed the most marvelous governmental system this world has ever seen. The system was never perfect — but it was so much better than the rest.

        • just a thought says:

          Of course they know what pain we feel. After all, they cause it.

    • Joe Johnson says:

      Exactly!! Bubba’s economic policies that were instituted during his 1 2 years when he had control of both the House and the Senate (highest tax increase in US history) set up the recession that commenced in the last year of his 2nd term. DemocRATs have no clue when it comes to economic matters (neither did W and his congresses either).

      • just a thought says:

        “(neither did W and his congresses either).”

        Sadly, another symptom of our times, when the “best” of them ain’t nothin to write home about.

  6. Sleepalot says:

    That’s over $300,000 per acre! Was it worth that much?

  7. Paul in Sweden says:

    The full story:
    Only a third of former Burlington College students earn more than the average person with a high school diploma.
    Jane Sanders, who led Burlington College from 2004 to 2011, spent millions on a new campus — 33 acres along the bank of Lake Champlain — to attract more students and donations from alumni. It didn’t work: The college failed to recruit enough students or donations to repay its debts and even came close to losing its accreditation.

  8. jonathan sawyer says:

    You might want to take a short trip over to 660 wagon wheel rd ripton vt where you can see Bill McKibbens 10 acre spread. Check out his 4 car garage.

  9. RickS says:

    And just think of it ?

    How quickly have the American People become “blithering” idiots !

    Millions of Americans have the IQ of “dirt” (It’s just a small hand full, of “dirt” I mean) and when it comes to following “Burning”, dirt actually has a higher IQ !!

    The soon to come on the seen beast will have a cake walk in America, if “Burning” (And I do mean [BURNING]) Sanders can flip Millions of the completely inept so easily, then that “Thing” will do it in his sleep, speeches won’t even be necessary, because they’re so damn “stupid” !!!

    How fricken “Pathetic”

  10. just a thought says:

    Yet, compared to Hillary, he’s a rank amateur.

  11. De Paus says:


    Now we know what Sanders and the Pope REALLY talked about! The Pope needed the money to pay compensation for sexual abuse and Sanders arranged his wife to provide that money, out of the pocket of the American taxpayers. The Pope thanked Bernie for the money and together they are planning to commit global warming fraud to get their hands on more money out of the pockets of gullible stupid American taxpayers.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Personally, I would like to see more evidence but the same is true about anthropogenic global warming. I think it’s just as plausible and it would explain why Hillary is hopping mad. She and Bill have a good racket going and they’d got a leg up on the whole swindle since Al Gore was in the White House. It’s their turf.

      This will not end well.

  12. OrganicFool says:

    Bernie Sanders said in the 1980s on a recorded interview that bread lines are a good thing.

    “You know, it’s funny. Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is when people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing. In other countries, people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food and the poor starve to death,” Sanders lamented.


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