More NASA Iceland Fraud

In 1974, the CIA reported an unprecedented spike in Iceland temperatures around 1940, followed by a rapid cooling.




This didn’t suit Obama White House political requirements, so NOAA and NASA altered the data a few years ago to make the 1940’s warmth in Iceland disappear.


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6 Responses to More NASA Iceland Fraud

  1. Carl says:

    I was in Iceland recently. Their glaciers are GROWING, not shrinking. This Global Warming / Climate Change story is a scam intended to make stupid Americans and Europeans believe there is a need to force nations where people of European ancestry predominate believe there’s a dire need to pay a tax to the United Nations so that money can be misappropriated by a new, anti-sovereignty, global authority.

  2. Why did you block me on Twitter?

  3. Andy DC says:

    Temperature records have been so corrupted that they are now meaningless.

  4. Jeff Jones says:

    images are not showing on the posts.

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