Plummeting May Temperatures In Virginia

Woodstock, Virginia is having their coldest May in over 90 years, with afternoon temperatures averaging about 7°C below normal.


Every day this month has been cooler than the same date in 1944, and the month has averaged about 12°C cooler than May 1944.


Woodstock is an excellent rural station. If all stations were this good, there wouldn’t be any global warming scam.


The United States is having a very cold May.

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You won’t hear about any of this in the news. Instead you will hear endless propaganda about “the hottest month ever.”

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6 Responses to Plummeting May Temperatures In Virginia

  1. In PullingBackTheCurtain, the averages for 2016 take the average of all readings, which would have a seasonal impact during the year (with January being cold, all readings would be cold, therefore 2016 is cold)… Since May is not finished yet, wouldn’t the same phenomenon happen at Woodstock, given that temps are increasing through the month? In other words, you’re comparing averages of entire historical Mays with YTD May?

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    Jason Samenow just gave a most compelling explanation in the Washington Post:

    ”This May, however, the usual northern jog of the jet stream hasn’t yet occurred in the Mid-Atlantic, although it’s right around the corner. While it’s tempting to try to find an explanation for this, there isn’t one.”

    “This May’s relentless rainy, cool pattern is best attributed to bad luck, in my view.”

    D.C.’s worst May ever, explained

    That will do for now, Jason thought. He was tempted to explain compellingly that the cold May was fully consistent with anthropogenic global warming but he thought about it some more. Stay in control, Jason, he said to himself, this is not the time to push it. Cold weather is bad luck. We’ll have other chances to talk about global unraveling again when things settle down a bit.

    Unraveling spiral: The most compelling global warming visualization ever made, by Jason Samenow

    Maibach and Shukla are bad luck, Jason said to himself. Why didn’t they use private emails, he thought. That was stupid. It’s really unraveling now.

    RICO20 Edward Maibach tries ’emergency stay’ to retroactively pull Shukla/George Mason University emails from view

    • annieoakley says:

      I am thrilled to find May cold in VA. I have lots of sustainable solar, windmill, ban coal relatives there. i think my brother is a Communist. He absolutely refuses to look at any site that disagrees for any reason with his religion.

  3. RAH says:

    VA, MD, and DC have all had a cooler and wetter May so far though they were near normal for April according to NOAA. NOAA says that April was the 18th warmest on record and 2.2 deg. F above the 20th century average for the contiguous US.

    Of course NOAA also shows Texas as having had above normal temps in April which is absolute BS! One big reason the national tornado count is as of today 198 below average is because Texas has been cooler and wetter than normal through almost all of April and May which are two out of the three peak months for a state that on an average year records far more tornadoes than any other state.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Their is a lot happening that does not conform to what the communist propaganda is telling us.

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