Progressives Returning To The Dark Ages

In the 16th century, European progressives blamed bad weather on witches, and burned 15,000 innocent people at the stake for “cooking the weather.” Nothing has changed. Now the witches are “fossil fuel corporations.


The arsonists of Fort McMurray have a name | Martin Lukacs | Environment 

Canada has had many bad fires, like this one 100 years ago which killed hundreds of people and “wiped out a dozen towns.”  It burned half a million acres.


31 Jul 1916, Page 1 – Janesville Daily Gazette

After the Colorado fires in 2012, Obama blamed global warming. Since then we have had three of the quietest fire seasons on record. These people have no evidence or reason – they are just mindless fanatics full of rage and hatred and looking for an excuse to blame others for their own misery.

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6 Responses to Progressives Returning To The Dark Ages

  1. RickS says:

    Here’s something “New”, as in something that I haven’t seen in oh, 40 years Amateur Meteorologist, West Coast/SoCal (Where El Nino “used” to live)

    May 12, 2016, middle of Spring, Summer not far away, still massive “Winter” Storms are moving across the Pacific, the “whole” Pacific, it starts off of the East Coast of Japan and extends to the U.S. West Coast !

    Check out these Satellite Photos…

  2. RickS says:

    Japan side !

    Middle of May, this storm is roughly “4000” miles away and heading to the U.S. West Coast ?

    In the “middle” of May ??

    Can anyone spell “Active North Pacific”…

    Strange to say the least !!!

  3. John Silver says:

    Liberalism/leftism/progressivism is a hate crime.
    It must be prosecuted!

  4. Brian K says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. You have to be insane to actually believe what they believe.

  5. Billyjack says:

    The Chirch of Warming is a sect of the government created religion of Secular Socialism. The comparison with deists religions are impelling.
    1) Over all, they believe in a Sumpreme central government with a promise of socialist utopia on earth.
    2) They choose passages from the IPCC to support their faith and ignore anything contradictory.
    3) They have a prophesy of doomsday that never seems to occur.
    4) They accuse their opponents of being heretics-deniers.
    5) They deify their heroes-Hansen, Gore, Obama

  6. There were huge bushfires in Victoria, Australia in the Nineteenth Century when CO2 was just a pipedream. Nowadays if someone burns off their backyard, there is general panic over Global Warming in all the Media.

    “Widespread bushfires occurred in Victoria in early February 1851. The height of the destruction happened on Black Thursday, 6 February 1851.”

    ‘Fires covered a quarter of what is now Victoria (approximately 5 million hectares). Areas affected include Portland, Plenty Ranges, Westernport, the Wimmera and Dandenong districts. Approximately 12 lives, one million sheep and thousands of cattle were lost’
    (Source : Black Thursday – the great bush fire of Victoria by William Howitt).

    5,000,000 hectares is big, equal to 19305 square miles.

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