Another Growing Glacier In Northern Greenland

There are three large glaciers which flow to the sea in Northwest Greenland. This one is growing.


Another one, the Petermann Glacier, is also growing,


The third one has been too cloudy to get a good look at yet.

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4 Responses to Another Growing Glacier In Northern Greenland

  1. Brad says:

    Tony, I believe your redline on the 2013 image of the first glacier excludes part of the leading edge. It appears there is a little triangle therevin the upper right that is glacier. It is similar to the cloud cover, but it looks like glacier to me.

  2. RickS says:

    “The third one has been too cloudy to get a good look at yet” ?

    Because the clouded iceberg evaporated back in 1979 when Climate Science began, before then all Climate Records hadn’t yet occurred?

    What happened in 1979 ??

    1st – The first launched Satellite, before then Satellite’s didn’t exist !
    2nd – Before 1979 Climate Science was based on Philosophy, University’s didn’t yet exist!
    3rd – The invention of the Umbrella, before 1979 it had never Rained !
    4th – The International Olympic Committee added Skiing to the 1980 Winter Olympics.
    because Mother Earth created snow, which, had never been observed before 1979 !
    5th – Alcohol was invented creating the first “5th” of Jim Beam Whisky !
    6th – And most importantly, The Little Hay Hoe of Texas was born and soon with her
    the true beginning of Climate Science in which she soon became the foremost
    leading Expert at the tender age of 4 quickly “evolving” into a Scientific
    Prophet/Genius (Profit) who could accurately predict future Yearly Rain Fall
    amounts (Especially for the State of Texas) with unimaginably accurate and precise
    precision without using any computer based algorithm models which is still
    unprecedented to this day !!!

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Helheim Glacier on Southeast Greenland is another example.
    Current terminus is same as 1930’s – when there was serious heat in the NH.
    But it advances quickly as per 2013 and 2014 satellite view.

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    You wouldn’t be picking cherries again would you Tony? Here’s Petermann from June 30th 2012:

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