Record Greenland Fraud Consistent With Government Funded Junk Science

The usual cast of scamsters are pushing the “record Greenland melting” scam.


Greenland melting has been just about normal this year, and the amount of ice accumulated since August is above normal.

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Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The record Greenland melt is not happening, and your tax dollars are being used for government funded scientists to lie about it. There is not the slightest indication that anything significant is going on with Greenland’s climate.

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2 Responses to Record Greenland Fraud Consistent With Government Funded Junk Science

  1. David Blake says:

    Regarding the 75f “record”: Theres something strange here. The thinkprogress article links to wunderground which does have a 75f figure.

    But. There’s two readings at that location. One is in METAR format, and the other SYNOP. They should be the **same data** just different reporting formats. The location is exactly the same.

    The METAR is reading much warmer than the SYNOP. Have a look:

    The METAR is a newer format distributed by internet, while the SYNOP is older originally used for SW radio. Has the METAR been cooked?

    Other stations in Greenland don’t show the difference:

  2. Cam says:

    Meanwhile, NSIDC’s Greenland page is showing nearly 2 standard deviations above normal melt for June of this year.

    If I put the web address it gets labelled as SPAM for some reason.

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