Daily Fraud Update From NSIDC

Earlier this year I caught NSIDC making huge areas of five year old ice disappear overnight. They are back for more, claiming that Nuuk, Greenland hit 75 degrees in June.

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Greenland Ice Sheet Today | Surface Melt Data presented by NSIDC

This is total nonsense. The official GHCN temperature on June 9 in Nuuk was 67 degrees, not 75 degrees – and barely warmer than 1965.


But it gets worse, NSIDC claimed three big melting spikes going up to 40% of Greenland’s area melting.


This also looks like BS. DMI shows no day above 30% melting.


Greenland melting has been below the 1990-2013 mean almost every day since mid-May, yet the fraudsters at NSIDC claim near record melting is going on.


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The graph below overlays the NSIDC data in red on the DMI data in blue. They agreed until June, when the NSIDC spikes went up 50% higher than DMI.


There is no indication that Greenland is melting down. Surface mass gain is above normal – at 500 billion tons of new ice since last August.


NSIDC is run by Mark “Arctic Screaming Death Spiral” Serreze, who predicted the North Pole would be ice-free in 2008.


28 Jun 2008, Page 8 – Southern Illinoisan



Just another cog in the Boulder climate fraud wheel.

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3 Responses to Daily Fraud Update From NSIDC

  1. RAH says:

    And the propaganda campaign continues unabated. This video was on my home screen line up this morning:

  2. It’s just basic human nature. If you pay people to lie about the climate, and every time they do they get a big paycheck, they will keep doing it, more and more. They go to work every morning to make money, and climate alarmism is where the big bucks are.

    But it’s worse than thay. In other professions, there are crooks and there are honest people. The honest people make money, and crooks make more money but run the risk of getting caught. In climate science, the crooks make money and the honest scientists get fired.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    The more strident the calls by alarmists trying to shut up those who observe reality, the more fun it is to poke the bear. Serreze, Mann, Gore & Kerry et al, are either really, really incompetent (and should not be allowed to drive a lawn mower) or they are complicit in the greatest financial fraud in history.

    I’m wagering it’s number 2.

    We should start a sweepstake (ala Nenana break up) for when the UNFCCC is disbanded, after being called to account by a revamped NOAA/NASA administration, for committing this climate fraud.

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