Glaciers Of Eastern Greenland Are Not Retreating

Contrary to the endless lies of climate fraudsters, the glaciers of eastern Greenland are not retreating.


And the glaciers of northern Greenland are growing.


This wasn’t always the case. Eighty years ago the glaciers of Eastern Greenland faced catastrophic collapse.


17 Dec 1939, Page 15 – Harrisburg Sunday Courier

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16 Responses to Glaciers Of Eastern Greenland Are Not Retreating

  1. Mac says:

    In case anyone hasn’t heard, the climate change nonsense has finally been revealed for what it is by one of its founders. It’s officially a religious cult, based on no science whatsoever. According to yesterday’s Washington Times, Michael Mann told a Democrat committee that climate data is “increasingly unnecessary” because “we can see climate change” due to the allegedly horrible weather events Mann seems to believe we’re witnessing. No data is required any longer because Mann is now so amazingly science-y, he can now just eliminate the entire scientific method and all data.

    I would like to thank Mann for clearing this up, at long last. Climate change is now as scientific as any other religion. Basically, it’s something along the lines of the climate gods will punish us with storms, eclipses, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions, and the only way to appease the gods is by cutting down the levels of a harmless yet magical gas in the atmosphere which is found in trace amounts.

    • RAH says:

      Yes it’s clear that we must make sacrifices to the weather Gods. Since we have not Volcanos or Cenotes here in Indiana it has been decided we will stop by the IU campus in Bloomington and grab a virgin (a daunting task we know) and throw her into one of the many nearby abandoned Limestone quarries.

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  3. Steve Fraser says:

    I see all the extra snow, too, this year. Interesting…

  4. AZ1971 says:

    I’m sorry, but four glaciers out of thousands that exist in northern and eastern Greenland do not paint the whole picture of what’s going on and is as disingenuous as saying that the ice cap is inevitably doomed to melt away.

    • Gonzo says:

      Oh please AZ. Don’t you follow CAGW? The Petermann Glacier is the proverbial canary in the coal mine according to alarmists. If it breaks down completely the whole of the Greenland ice sheet will drain (eventhough most of it sits in a geographical bowl) to the oceans and flood the worlds cities!

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      But if even four glaciers out of thousands change then it means the world is not as it was before.

      Collectivists are not what they used to be. I am so old I remember them bossing wind, rain and snow around. Now they beg wind, rain and snow to stay put.

    • tonyheller says:

      What utter nonsense

    • Stewart Pid says:

      So alarmist smeg heads can cherry pick one glacier and make it a poster boy for nitwit alarmism but when Tony picks the same glacier to show that loons like AZ1971 are idiots and wrong his methodology is wrong …. hmm!!

    • RAH says:

      “I’m sorry, but four glaciers out of thousands that exist in northern and eastern Greenland do not paint the whole picture of what’s going on and is as disingenuous as saying that the ice cap is inevitably doomed to melt away.

      OK then show us the changes in the “thousands” of glaciers in northen and eastern Greenland.

      • Steve Case says:

        It’s up to the IPCC and Climate Scientists to show that the glaciers are changing the way they say. Just like Abraham Lincoln pointed out with his “Calling a dog’s tail a leg” parable, making a claim doesn’t make it so.

      • RAH says:

        Just showing the absurdity of the demand by AZ1971.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey RAH! ” show us the changes in the “thousands” of glaciers in northen and eastern Greenland.”

        Exactly. I do not think that anyone has ever demonstrated that the majority of glaciers are even retreating — much less melting.

        Suppose, just hypothetically, that someone showed that 70% of the glaciers had retreated in the last decade or two. That would still not tell us much about the cause. Was the retreat a long ongoing process since the end of the Little Ice Age? Was the retreat a result of higher sea level (which has been changing long before CO2 accumulated) moving up and under the tip of the glacier? Was the retreat a result of accumulated ice mass causing faster downhill slippage? Is a 70% retreat ratio unusual for the last century or so? How are those retreating glaciers distributed, and does that indicate some underlying geological reasons? And so on, and so on…

        Over and over and over the CAGW crowd claims that thermogedon is upon us, but when you look closely, they are weeping about something which is not even unusual.

  5. Andy DC says:

    The “Big Lie” is the principal tool of the climate Alarmist industry. Because without the Big Lie, there would be no climate Alarmist industry.

    God forbid that the climate should change as it has countless times over Earth’s history. We are actually living in an era of extremely favorable and stable climate.

  6. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Modern science is a tool of government propaganda, as George Orwell predicted in the book he started writing in 1946: “NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR” , and as the NASA’s Administrator confirmed in 1998 by admitting to CSPAN News that NASA hid data from the Galileo Peobe of Jupiter in 1995:

    Climategate emails didn’t surface for the next decade, until 2009. The official response from totalitarian politicians and their well-paid “consensus scientists” show how little regard they have for truth or humanity.

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