IAEA 1974 : Global Cooling Climate Disasters Are The New Normal

In 1974, the International Atomic Energy Association said that global cooling climate disasters were the new normal.


21 Dec 1974, Page 9 – The Pittsburgh Press at Newspapers.com

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4 Responses to IAEA 1974 : Global Cooling Climate Disasters Are The New Normal

  1. Andy DC says:

    Those huge blizzards for Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, DC, Indiana, etc. between 1977 and 1979 paralyzed those areas, sometimes for weeks on end. Not to mention record snow and a devastating freeze in Florida.

    Those massive snows, combined with three straight winters of record cold from 1977 to 1979 were definitely global cooling disasters. Now alarmists claim that the global cooling scare never took place.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Andy DC! “Now alarmists claim that the global cooling scare never took place.”

      In a weird sort of way it DIDN’T take place — at least not for the alarmists. So many of them seem to have almost no grasp of history. Anything older than a couple of years just POOF! vanishes and never happened. My suspicion is that after the CAGW meme has finally burned out and some new world-threatening terror has taken its place with the alarmists, they will all claim that the CAGW scare never happened. “Oh sure, there might have been a handful of crazies who believed that the world was going to burn up — but no one of any consequence thought that!”

      • RickS says:

        Jason, Global Climate/Warmest’s have a “complete” grasp on history because it’s not about history, it’s about what basically turns out to be a [New Religion], a “false” Religion, and it’s goal is to turn back the clock on the helpless, those who cannot defend them selves and to make sure that their standard of living is kept where they are now or better yet reduced backwards !

        These “people” know exactly what they are doing and are helped tremendously by the gullible and inept people who will believe what anyone tells them even though it’s right there before their eyes for them to see that they’re being lied to, but they don’t care or it’s that they’re just to damn stupid !!

        Complete stupidity deserves reward and America you are about to get yours because you never really did anything to stop it !!!

        Remember, it’s “election” year and Obama has spent 7 years now completing the first part, now it’s up to Americans to vote Hillary so she can finish it !

        And why will they ?

        Because Americans are so damn stupid…


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