NOAA Didn’t Know, And James Hansen Is A Fraud

In 1989, NASA’s James Hansen was predicting 4-9 degrees of warming by 2050. NOAA pointed out this was nonsense,  that all global warming had occurred before 1921, and that Earth had cooled since 1921 – as CO2 increased.


7 Dec 1989, Page 14 – Santa Cruz Sentinel

NASA responded to this challenge by erasing the 1881 to 1921 warming as well as the 1921 to 1989 cooling. They reversed both trends and created a completely fraudulent temperature record which drives the global warming scam.

Fig.A2 (1)

Fig.A2.gif (664×474)

NOAA also said in 1989 that there had been no warming in the US from 1895 to 1989.


U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend

NASA responded to this challenge by corrupting the US temperature record and creating 0.5C US warming from 1895 to to 1989 – where previously there had been none.

Fig.D (2)

Fig.D.gif (525×438)

NOAA said in 1989 that there is “considerable uncertainty among scientific experts.” #ExxonKnew people focus on the testimony of crackpots like NASA’s James Hansen, who predicted nine degrees warming by 2050 – while ignoring the fact that actual scientists didn’t believe anything Hansen was saying.

There was and is no scientific consensus for catastrophic global warming. Only 52% of professional members of the American Meteorological Society believe that global warming is primarily man made, much less catastrophic.



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