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Disappearing Hot Weather In The US

One hundred degree weather used to be common in the US on August 22, but rarely happens any more. In 1936, 1938 and 1983 more than 15% of US stations reported 100 degrees on this date. Recent years have been … Continue reading

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1922 : Radical Arctic Warming – Glaciers Disappearing

In 1922, the Arctic was experiencing radical unheard of warming, and glaciers were disappearing. 2 Nov 1922, Page 1 – Great Bend Tribune at Newspapers.com In 1907 it was reported that Swiss glaciers were rapidly disappearing. 1 Aug 1907, Page … Continue reading

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Chalk One More Up For The Guardian

Every year the morons at the Guardian predict that the Arctic will be ice free, and they are back at it again for next year. ‘Next year or the year after, the Arctic will be free of ice’ | Environment | … Continue reading

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On This Date In 1898

On this date in 1898, 90 degree weather covered the US from coast to coast, including many stations over 100 degrees and 110 degrees in Nebraska. Last year was the hottest year ever, and only 17% of US stations were over … Continue reading

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Trapped In The Ice – To Prove The Ice Isn’t There

trapped in the ice …. to highlight declining sea ice Home – The Polar Ocean Challenge

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