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A Security Blanket For Wayward Skeptics

Unless you are hypothermic, putting a blanket on will not raise your core temperature. It will however raise your skin temperature by creating a smaller thermal gradient between your core and the blanket. The blanket can not raise your core temperature¹, … Continue reading

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Arctic Alarmists Screaming

The Arctic is screaming Mark Serreze  2007 Experts predicted the Arctic will be ice-free again this year. Instead we are looking at the likelihood of one of the highest summer minimums of the decade. extent_n_running_mean_amsr2_previous.png (1201×962) The Bremen graph above … Continue reading

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Hottest July Ever Wasn’t Hot

The average maximum temperature anomaly in the US during July was just about average. The percent of US HCN stations to reach 100 degrees was well below average.  The percent of days above 100 degrees was also below average.  Climate … Continue reading

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Green Ontario!

Ontario continues to starve old and poor people with high electricity prices, in order to prop up 1.4% of their electrical production. Gridwatch | Web App

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Jill Stein Predicts 85 mm/year Sea Level Rise Until 2050

Jill bumps up sea level rise by 50X, and then claims she can stop it with windmills. Progressives make the Monty Python witch burners seem like Nobel Prize winners.

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James Hansen – World’s #1 Climate Criminal

NASA’s James Hansen has made a career out lying about climate. Here is a real whopper where he claimed that the blistering heat during 2012 in the US was almost impossible previously. 5 Aug 2012, Page A7 – Asbury Park Press … Continue reading

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Area Of Thick Arctic Ice Has Tripled In Four Years

Since 2012, the area of five foot thick sea ice in the Arctic has more than tripled.

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Green Party Promoting Genocide

The Green Party wants to “end fossil fuels.” This would mean empty grocery stores within hours. No food, transportation, heat, light or communications. Civilization would collapse within days, and billions would be dead within months. Every tree would be cut down, … Continue reading

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Imitation is The Sincerest Form Of UHI

The Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post has started generating graphs like mine. Note the one below which shows a sharp rise in the number of 100 degree days in Washington DC since 1988. But if we go 50 … Continue reading

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Navigating The Arctic Responsibly

Apparently multi-day drinking binges followed by getting stuck in the ice is “navigating responsibly.” A few weeks ago they were worried about saving the ice and the Polar Bears. Now they are worried about saving themselves from the ice and the … Continue reading

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