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Peter Gleick : The Gulf Coast Never Had Heavy Rain Before

The Gulf Coast is experiencing an historic hurricane drought, but they get a few days of heavy rain (the week after the DNC declared them to be in permanent rainfall drought) and it is a “symptom of climate change” In 1979, … Continue reading

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Easy Sailing For The Ship Of Fools

The strong southwest winds over the past two days pushed the ice far off shore, so they should be able to make fast progress now, and blame global warming, Because southwest winds never occurred at lower CO2 levels.

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Summer 2016 Vs Summer 1936

The heatwave of 1936 was incomprehensibly hot by modern standards.  July/August maximum temperatures in Clinton, Missouri averaged 16 degrees (F) warmer than 2016 so far. Eighty percent of the days in 1936 were over 100 degrees, compared to 0% of … Continue reading

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