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Top Climate Story Of 2016

Due to prevailing winds retaining ice in the Arctic basin, and cold cloudy summer weather, there has been a massive expansion of thick Arctic ice this summer towards the Russian side. The same ice which is keeping the ship of fools … Continue reading

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Homophobic Terrorists For Hillary!

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More CO2 Undercover Work

I took these time lapse videos this evening, as part of my ongoing efforts to reveal the planet destroying carbon spew coming from the Boulder power plant. Look what carbon pollution has done to the sunset! Here is ten minutes … Continue reading

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70 Degree Temperatures In Brazil Overwhelming Athletes!

Olympic Athletes Challenged by New Opponent: Global Warming – Bloomberg Forecast looks brutal!  Picture perfect weather. The 1970 World Cup was played in 100 degree weather in Mexico City, during the ice age scare. In 1974, we practiced soccer in 106 … Continue reading

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Ship Of Fools Seems To Have Discovered That There Is Ice In The Arctic

Maybe if they track closer to the pole, there will be less ice!

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