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Summer Over In The Arctic

Sub-freezing temperatures have spread across most of the Arctic Basin. ESRL : PSD : PSD Map Room: Weather Plots And the Arctic is full of thick ice. DMI Modelled ice thickness Leading scientists say the Arctic will be ice-free this summer, … Continue reading

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My Undercover Work Continues

I have been secretly spying on the Boulder power generation station, which threatens to destroy the planet. The graphic below shows how CO2 from this evil place affects plant life. Banning refrigerators is a good start, but we need to … Continue reading

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North Dakota Temperatures Becoming Much Less Extreme

In 1934, Bottineau, North Dakota had a 160 degree range in temperature between their hottest and coldest temperature of the year. The temperature range has been steadily declining since then, and is now around 120 degrees. In 1934, Bottineau had … Continue reading

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Shock News : Polar Bears Are Not Extinct

They look quite healthy in fact.

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Climate Justice In Green Ontario

Old people in Ontario freeze to death in the winter, because their green electricity is too expensive.  Today they are getting less than two percent of their energy from wind and solar. Gridwatch | Web App Climate justice means killing old … Continue reading

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Learning To See Like Progressive

Progressives believe that CO2 looks like this: This is what actual CO2 looks like, spewing out of the Boulder Power Plant yesterday.

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Progressives actively promote censorship and prosecution of any scientist who doesn’t fall in line with their scam, while complaining that Bush tried to “censor” climate scientists who did push their scam. ExxonMobil tried to censor climate scientists to Congress during … Continue reading

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Ship Of Fools Update

The clouds have cleared somewhat over the Northeast Passage. It is completely blocked with ice, and new ice will be forming in the Arctic within five weeks.

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DMI Goes Full Fraud On Sea Ice

DMI shows current ice extent the same as 2012, and much lower than 2015 Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut This is utter nonsense. The OSISAF maps they use show a 35% increase over 2012, and slightly higher … Continue reading

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Scientists Tell Us That The Urban Heat Island Effect Is 0.1F

NOAA adjusts US temperatures down about 0.1 F to compensate for Urban Heat Island Effects. Looks like they are only off by factor of 100.

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