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August 14 – Before You Ruined The Climate

On this date in 1969, Hurricane Camille formed and became one of only three category 5 hurricanes to hit the US. Peak sustained surface winds in Camille were measured at 190 MPH, before the gauge broke. Estimates have it over 200 … Continue reading

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Will We Survive The Imaginary Drought Of 2016?

Experts predicted a severe drought in the corn belt this summer. corn belt drought – Google Search The corn belt is much wetter than normal, and none of it is experiencing drought. Historical Palmer Drought Indices | Temperature, Precipitation, and … Continue reading

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State Of The Cryopshere

In 1939, eastern Greenland and much of the Arctic was rapidly warming and melting. 17 Dec 1939, Page 27 – Democrat and Chronicle at Newspapers.com The surface of Greenland is now gaining mass. Much of Eastern Greenland is gaining a … Continue reading

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Olympic Sized Fraud : Climate Scientists Versus Human Beings

Climate scientists say that global warming is making it too hot to hold the Olympics : Global Warming Will Make It Nearly Impossible to Hold the Summer Olympics They say that the athletes in Rio are struggling with the heat. … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!

04 Oct 1888 – New Trade Route to Siberia. – Trove The Ship Of Fools is proving that with all the latest modern technology, they just might be able to accomplish what a blind man did in 1888. Home – The Polar … Continue reading

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