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Bernie Says The National Parks Are About To Be Swallowed By Climate Change

Bernie says that the 1:10,000 increase in CO2 over the past century is about to destroy places which have been around for tens of millions of years. He was referring to this story in the Guardian. Rising temperatures could mean … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney : Too Dumb To Be President

Candy Crowley and the White House plotted ahead of the 2012 CNN debate, to sabotage Romney and get Obama re-elected. Romney was simply too dumb to understand what happened to him. Presidential Debate Commission Delays Announcing Moderators — Here’s Why | … Continue reading

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Fox News Adds To The Insanity

Fox News is the slightly less horrible news alternative, depicting coal fired electricity as filthy. Warnings of rate hikes as Oregon becomes 1st state to kill coal | Fox News Like all the other news networks, Fox News is working to damage … Continue reading

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The 1830 NASA Tipping Point

NASA nows says that the 0.1 PPM rise in atmospheric CO2 during 1830 caused the climate to start collapsing. Global warming may have begun in 1830, NASA scientists say This chart shows the extreme increase in CO2 of 0.0 PPM, from … Continue reading

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Second Cold Front In Five Days

Winter seems to be blowing into Colorado very early this year. Our second cold front since last Friday blew through this afternoon. I have never seen it this cold in August before. NASA says it is the hottest year, ever.

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Louisiana Is A Flood Plain – It Floods There Frequently

Louisiana suffers massive floods all the time. Here is a small sampling of their larger ones. In 1874, Louisiana flooding was the calamity of the century. 15 Aug 1874 – AMERICA. – Trove Eight years later, they had another massive flood … Continue reading

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