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New York Times Calls Hillary Lies “Mischaracterizations”

The primary mission of the New York Times in 2016 is to put criminal Hillary Clinton in the White House, and a big part of their job is to cover up her endless string of lies. Previously the word was … Continue reading

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Tuning Tornado Models To Increase Funding

The tornado outbreak of February 19-2o, 1884 may have been the deadliest in US history. At least 5o tornadoes formed and killed as many as 1,200 people. CO2 was below 300 PPM. The mystery of Alabama’s Enigma Tornadoes: Could 1,200 people have … Continue reading

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NASA Can Retroactively Adjust Your Fever Downwards

Ten years ago, Al Gore said that Earth has a fever and blamed the hurricanes of 2005 on them. NCAR upped the ante and said that the hurricanes were your fault. Al Gore: There’s Still Time To Save the Planet … Continue reading

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The 1927 Floods

The most destructive flood in US history occurred in 1927 along the Mississippi River. It flooded 27,000 square miles and left 600,000 people homeless. Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Another flood in 1927 was the … Continue reading

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Democrats Nominated A Psychopath

Hillary Clinton is a career criminal and congenital liar. But she owns the press corps, who are going to incredible lengths to cover up for her.

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World Experiences Record Climate Fraud

NOAA has convinced the world that mild temperatures in May were red hot, and the hottest ever. With the world experiencing its hottest ever temperatures, these are the places seeing the biggest spikes | World Economic Forum Most of the … Continue reading

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US Taxpayers Could Lose Trillions To Criminal Climate Alarmists By 2020

The climate mafia keeps pushing the sea level scam. Florida beaches haven’t changed in 56 years. ‘Where the Boys Are’ Disproves Rising Seas Scare California beaches haven’t changed in 145 years. 1871     2016

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Hillary ISIS Clinton

Spontaneous YouTube Protest At Benghazi The army placed this order during July 2013, a few weeks before the first references to ISIS appeared in the news. I blogged about this three years ago, because the US military doesn’t use AK-47s. 10–AK Rifle … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Fraud

We keep hearing endless BS about global warming and extreme weather. But 35 years ago, climatologists blamed extreme weather on global cooling. November 25, 1981 – Perspective | Chicago Tribune Archive Unless you are over 80 years old, you have … Continue reading

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Olympic Sized Stench From Judy Dench

Rio is a cesspool of filth and pollution, so they tried to cover it up by telling a bunch of lies about the climate. In primetime, with the world watching, Brazil showed a video focused on the problem of global … Continue reading

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