More Vestmannaeyia Fraud From Gavin

Yesterday I reported on the nonsensical claim in the Canberra Times that NASA/NCDC temperature data tampering at Vestmannaeyia, Iceland was due to a station shift in 1921. There is no evidence of any discontinuity at 1921 in the current version of NASA graphs, and no evidence that the massive pre-1970 adjustments can be accounted for by it.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

But this story is worse than it seems. Prior versions of Gavin’s tampering looked completely different. Gavin erases older versions of his graphs and blocks archiving, but here is a version of the NASA graph I captured sometime around 2014. It showed that the NASA data tampering had nothing to do with 1921.


When confronted with his 1.5C data tampering, Gavin Schmidt (who reports global temperatures within 0.01C) simply says he doesn’t know anything about the adjustments, and blames NOAA.



Note that Gavin adjustments are 150 times larger than his reported precision. No one would get away with this in any other field of “science.” The 1940’s warmth was removed simply because government climate scientists wanted it gone, as exposed in this Climategate E-mail.


Archived version of

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31 Responses to More Vestmannaeyia Fraud From Gavin

  1. AndyG55 says:

    If we look at this graph of 8 combined Iceland temperature anomalies, we see the AMO type pattern. with the NATURAL PEAK around 1930-1940

    We can also see that before 1921, the temperature for Vestmannaeyia was about 0.7C high compared to the other stations.

    Maybe there is a case for dropping Vestmannaeyia down by 0.7ºC BEFORE the station change, but there is absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for the manic 1.5ºC adjustment AFTER 1921. Certainly there is no reason to touch the temperatures in 1930-1940 except for political agenda reasons

    Unless NOAA/GISS can come up with a better reason, this is MANIFEST FRAUD !!

    • Yes, it is FRAUD – ALMOST TREASON!

      The story began on 24 OCT 1945 when globalists and guilt-ridden scientists agreed to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation by uniting formerly independent:

      _ a.) Nations into the United Nations, and
      _ b.) NAS (National Academies of Sciences)

      into a secret worldwide web of “consensus scientists” that would hide the source of energy in atomic bombs by endorsing the fraudulent concept of “nuclear binding energy” [illustrated by the sloping dashed line across the top of Figure 4] to obscure Einstein’s 1905 discovery that rest mass (m) itself is energy (E), E = mc^2

    • CheshireRed says:

      Any chance you could clean that up a touch, Andy? Perhaps just show a couple of data sets there to make it easier on the eye? Looks like an explosion in a firework factory. :-)

      • AndyG55 says:

        I like fireworks. :-)

        Graph is not mine, I’ll see if I can hunt down the original site.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Andy, I like fireworks too. Right now my neighbors are having fun target practicing (or getting a whole bunch of wild meat) so it sounds like the 4th of July.

          I also like that graph as is because it shows so many stations all in synch with the AMO.

      • AndyG55 says:

        And I notice you haven’t complained about Frank’s graphs further down..

        Why are you just picking on me, (wipes eyes)..

        I need a safe space!

        Only joking ! :-)

        Luv ya work, Frank :-)

  2. Daniel Zielinski says:

    Great work. Again!

  3. rh says:

    Gavin is about to get seriously spanked and, hopefully, sent packing back to England. January 20th can’t get here soon enough.

  4. Bill Illis says:

    The climate explorer may have added some functionality for GHCN stations recently (at least I’ve never found this before).

    You can actually download the adjusted and unadjusted station data here (all 7500 stations). GHCN-M (all) is actually the unadjusted monthly data.

    All the Iceland stations are in here (use the “find” function on your browser for Iceland). They all have the same pattern and no real warming. There is NO 1921 breakpoint,

    Vestmannaeyja Unadjusted.

    Vestmannaeyja Adjusted

    Basically all the Iceland stations are adjusted up so they are not using some pairwise algorithm to do it (at least accurately that is).

    • How do we know that the Global historical Climatology Network data which National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has labeled “unadjusted” is actually unadjusted?

      • ducdorleans says:

        we don’t … !

        even the original GHCN v1 (from 1992) has been tampered with … see absolute proof hereunder … since then, the warm(er) period, ca. early 1920ies to ca. late 1940ies, has only grown colder …

        The Grapes of Wrath have never existed !

        to make a time series that I would not dispute, all the numbers in GHCN v1 HAVE to be checked against the original measurements/books/records etc. by the local Met’s all over the world …

        do GHCN still have an original copy, or were they lost in a move of offices, as was Phil Jones’ copy ? …

  5. DeplorableBritInMontreal says:

    Sorry, bit off topic

    Where is this data coming from; today I checked the three northernmost weather stations in the Canadian Arctic – they are running about normal for the time of year, which is between -15 to -25C.

    Looks like one of Dr. G’s big lies

  6. TA says:

    The Climate Change Conspirators have perpetrated a huge, expensive fraud on the world.

    They need to be held accountable for their deceptions, and I have a feeling the accounting is only a matter of time now.

    What’s it like for Gavin and his merry band of climate liars, when they see the whole world scrambling and spending money they don’t have to remediate CO2 increases, knowing all the time they have lied to all these people, have frightened them to death, and have casued them to spend TRILLIONS of dollars on things that won’t do the job? Do they feel clever and proud of themselves for deceiving everyone?

    I wonder how they are going to feel in a few months time. I’m thinking they won’t feel nearly as good as they do today.

  7. ducdorleans says:

    for those interested, I’ve written about Stykkisholmur temperatures, which are more peculiar than the rest …

  8. Gail Combs says:

    Another attempt to make Hillary president is under way. Link

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