155 Years Ago In California

Sometime in the next few hours or minutes, climate alarmists will start blaming the California flooding on “climate change.” As always, they are lying.

One hundred fifty-five years ago, the eastern US was preoccupied with the Civil War. But in California they had massive flood which bankrupted the state and forced the capital to be moved for a long period of time out of Sacramento. The weather pattern was almost identical to what California is experiencing now.

25 Jan 1862, Page 3 – Daily Ohio Statesman

Central Valley, California, 1861-62 – Top 10 Historic U.S. Floods – TIME

California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe – Scientific American

California’s climate hasn’t changed, and neither has sea level. High tide at La Jolla is exactly the same as it was in 1871.

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9 Responses to 155 Years Ago In California

  1. Psalmon says:

    About 6 hours ago…Warming is Drought…Warming is Rain…Warming is Snow…that’s about all the phases.


    • Ken says:

      You forgot:

      Warming is Hot
      Warming is Cold
      Warming is Just Right
      Warming is “children won’t know what snow is”.

      Those are all I can think of.

      Also, the old LaJolla photo almost looks like sea level was a little higher back then.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Looks like it is getting very nasty in Nevada and California.


    Given Trump’s victory and now this flooding I wonder how the Illegals are going to take these ‘signs’ of ‘heavenly disfavor’?

    La Santa Muerte: ‘Patron saint of Narcos’ rattles the Catholic Church

    ….Known as the patron saint of violent drug cartels for her relative tolerance, Our Lady of Holy Death is perhaps the fastest growing religion in the Americas.

    When Jasmin Marquez was sentenced to life in prison but freed after only a year, she attributed the “miracle” to this smiling skeleton in a dress.

    Standing reverently before the shrine of the Santa Muerte she carefully lit a cigarette and let it burn without toking.

    “It’s for her,” she explained…
    “From Chile to Canada, Santa Muerte has no rival in terms of the rapidity and scope of its expansion,” said Andrew Chesnut, professor of Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and author of Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint.

    “In 2001 when devotion to the folk religion first went public in Mexico, Saint Death was unknown to 99 per cent of Mexicans. In just 15 years Santa Muerte has attracted an estimated 10 to 12 million devotees, primarily in Mexico, Central America, and the US.”…

    Organized-crime growth and sustainment: a review of the influence of popular religion and beliefs in Mexico — Naval Postgraduate School, Masters thesis unclassified.

    …. the subculture of narco-cultura continues to grow, under the influence of powerful drug cartels throughout Mexico. The narco-cultura has its own dynamic form of literature, dress, music, film, religious beliefs and practices, and slang, which have become standard in some parts of the country, especially among the lower-class and uneducated. There are various regional differences within the Mexican narco-cultura and its participants. This thesis investigates the relationship between the narco-cultura and organized crime in Mexico, as viewed from multiple perspectives. It considers the historical origins of this subculture and its influence on the way people use and are influenced by popular religion and narco-corridos (ballads). More precisely, this thesis explores how the narco-cultura appropriates religion and religious symbolism to maintain the growth of
    organized criminal groups….

    While traditional Catholic and folk-saint veneration in Mexico was originally distinct from narco-trafficking, many elements have been appropriated by criminal elements such as La Familia Michoacana and Los Caballeros Templarios. At the same time, pseudo-Christian cults have been adopted, such as Santa Muerte, with reports of human sacrifice and Aztec religious practices, including the excoriation and cannibalism, as practiced by certain cartel factions. Kail asserts that religious practices from Africa and Latin America have been adopted for supernatural protection and guidance, through traditional rituals from Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Voodoo, and other syncretic religions…..

    With California hiring Eric Holder and already shouting defiance against Trump it could get VERY interesting.
    Trump Inspires Defiance — and Optimism — in California Legislature

    December 9, 2016
    Democrats aren’t wasting any time making it clear they plan to stand up to President-elect Donald Trump. On the Legislature’s opening day this week, both the Senate and Assembly condemned Trump’s campaign rhetoric before passing resolutions expressing opposition to his call for mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.

    Several Republicans criticized their colleagues for acting before Trump is even sworn in. But Senate leader Kevin de León says Californians need to be reassured….

    I think the Good Lord just Trumped the California Legislature’s reassurance. And I am an agnostic. (But I am still praying and thanking Him.)

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    I remember walking those rocks in La Jolla 20 years ago with my friend, who was witness to my wedding 20 years before that.

    He’s been gone 10 years, I miss him.

  4. Ernest Bush says:

    It is too much to hope for. But I enjoy picturing legislators climbing out of 2nd story windows and having to travel around town in rowboats.

  5. Dan says:

    Speaking as someone who’s looked at California climate for years as a hobby, this storm has nothing to do with “climate change” and probably won’t even cause serious flooding, unless its followed up by a series of similar storms. California operates on a 200 year cycle of mega flooding. While floods CAN skip a 200 year period they never do it twice. The flood in 1862 was enormous, so much so that there wasn’t a tide on San Francisco bay for 3 months due to the water pouring out, but even it might not have qualified for the 200 year event. In either case, California could be in for a much much bigger flood sometime this century and it will have NOTHING to do with global climate change.

    See http://www.tularebasinwildlifepartners.org/uploads/2/1/4/7/21473344/floods-and-droughts-tulare-lake-basin_2nd_edition_draft_20150407.pdf if you want a full history of California flooding and drought. The author is pretty good about keeping to reporting just history and facts and sites numerous first person accounts, studies and more in his analysis, though he does mention climate change having unforeseeable affects on the pattern.

  6. Shooter says:

    I’m sure they’ve already announced global warming is to blame for these floods, all the while forgetting that they said global warming and the CO2 temperature knob would create a drought that would never end.

    Such short term memory.

  7. DD More says:

    Tony don’t forget that 2 months earlier it was Oregon who got hit by a Pineapple wave. Still remember seeing the High Water mark 15′ high on a barn in Champoeg State Park, which was 40 feet above where the river is.

    The Great Flood of 1862 was the largest flood in the recorded history of Oregon, Nevada, and California, occurring from December 1861 to January 1862. It was preceded by weeks of continuous rains (or snows in the very high elevations) that began in Oregon in November 1861 and continued into January 1862. This was followed by a record amount of rain from January 9–12, and contributed to a flood which extended from the Columbia River southward in western Oregon, and through California to San Diego, and extended as far inland as Idaho in the Washington Territory, Nevada and Utah in the Utah Territory, and Arizona in the western New Mexico Territory.

    Still records to this day and then frequency of Major California floods: Dec. 1867, Feb. 1884, Jan. 1895. But is it really ‘Climate Change’ when it keeps repeating

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