Climate Alarmists Suddenly Worried About Free Speech

This soon to be unemployed Department of the Interior employee is suddenly concerned about climate free speech.

Odd that he didn’t speak up four years ago when the Department of the Interior was silencing climate skeptics.

Sally Jewell: ‘I Hope There Are No Climate Change Deniers In The Department Of Interior’ | The Huffington Post

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104 Responses to Climate Alarmists Suddenly Worried About Free Speech

  1. neal s says:

    While people may certainly have free speech rights on their own time using their own resources, they are not entitled to use government paid time and government resources to say whatever they want.

    And if they do not like the speech that they are asked to make as government employees, they are entirely free to seek employment elsewhere. Similarly if they do not like the limits placed on them while on the job using government paid resources, then they are similarly free to seek employment elsewhere.

    There is nothing in the first amendment that compels the rest of us taxpayers to pay for this person to say what they want which is NOT what they are being paid for and is NOT the job they have been given to do.

    For him to use government resources for his private speech, is nothing less than theft and if he insists on using government resources for his private speech, he should be prosecuted for theft.

  2. Rud Istvan says:

    Another fed research soon unemployed.

    • SxyxS says:

      Climate scientists will be a thing of the past.
      Our children won’t know how climate scientists looked like.

      i fell so pitty for these deplorables

  3. Vince says:

    Doesn’t this person realize that Trump is his boss now? He really needs to read Article 2 of the Constitution.

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Climate scientists calling for free speech on a subject they’ve spent the past decade banning people from expressing views they disagreed with. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh.

  5. GeologyJim says:

    Saw the writing on the wall and left USGS/Interior in 2013 – – thank God

    This little NPS idiot/snowflake most likely observed the hands-off treatment that Hansen (GISS) received and assumed that’s how govt scientists should be able to behave.

    Hansen violated the Hatch Act on numerous occasions, collected immense “awards” and “grants” from lefty-enviro organizations (illegally), and was never disciplined for his criminal acts of trespassing/obstruction/interference with legal activities/conspiracy to commit all of the above.

    New boss, new day, Bucko – – – ain’t gonna get no free passes any more.


    • jazznick says:

      Hope you are right GJ.

      But it’s no good just draining the swamp – the critters in the swamp need putting behind bars or neutering before the general public will come to realise the scale of the deception they have been subjected to by the UN and it’s agents and the amount of £/$ that have been stolen from them over the years.

      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        It would, in my opinion, be counterproductive to put all the critters behind bars.

        But I do recommendation telling NAS members to either openly address the very obvious logical error in Weizsacker’s definition of “nuclear binding energy,”

        or face prosecution as traitors for deceiving the public for the past seventy-one about the source of energy that made our elements, powers the Sun, and holds every atom, life and planet in the solar system in continuous vibration.

  6. Pathway says:

    NPS is the worst offender because it is run by the most radical environmentalist. USGS was the last to succcumb.

  7. Mac says:

    I’m pretty sure the First Amendment doesn’t cover your right to say anything you want in violation of official policy when you’re employed by the U.S. government. When you go to work, you cannot say whatever you want in defiance of your employer’s directives and policies. It’s not protected speech.

    This guy must be a really ignorant human being… Well, he must be. He believes that 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is going to destroy a 5 billion year-old planet. Sounds like ignorant religious cultism to me.

    • stpaulchuck says:

      I posted a “CO2 is plant food” statement on a ‘news’ blog and immediately got attacked by a couple of pseudo intellectual Warmists.
      The first one excoriated me for saying CO2 is food because it has no caloric value. When I replied that anything an entity (flora or fauna) requires to ingest for it’s survival is by definition “food” he went ballistic with gutter language attacks on my intelligence and family tree, etc.
      Not much later another Warmist rang in with more ad hom attacks because CO2 was going to burn the planet and I was an idiot for not running around with my hair on fire trying to stop humanity’s 3.5% contribution to a gas that is 3.5% of the greenhouse gas total.
      The fact they are self deluded self important fake intellectuals, their rabid attacks on any heresy against the received wisdom of the Santanic Gases is truly annoying in the face of so much recent actual science and the revealing of the massive temperature reporting fraud.

      • Kris Johanson says:

        Their comeback that “CO2 isn’t plant food because it has no caloric value”…. got me thinking (I’m just a high school science teacher). In the Calvin Cycle, the CO2 technically isn’t the “fuel” – it functions as a weak oxidizing agent or e- acceptor. It actually oxidizes the H2O molecule, which serves as the e- donor (sunlight providing the energy) – which in itself is incredible, H2O being a very weak reductant.

        The amazing thing about the CO2 is that a thin wisp of this gas (only 400ppm!) is providing all the carbon to build a 150-ft tall Douglas fir tree weighing several tons.

        Therefore you could counter that the CO2 is as essential to plants/algae as carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids are to humans.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        We should tell the leftist genius that calcium is a mineral with no caloric value and have him file a malpractice suit against Mayo Clinic for recommending “high calcium foods”.

  8. RAH says:


    Do it! Please, Please, Please do IT!
    No better illustration of the fact that “Climate Change” is a partisan political issue and not about science could be made!

    • Steve Case says:

      Great Link (-:

      Isn’t science apolitical?
      Yes. The march is non-partisan, but it is absolutely intended to have an impact on policy makers.

      George Orwell’s definition of double think applies:

      The acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or
      beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

    • RAH says:

      It doesn’t matter what they say. Their actions demonstrate partisanship.

    • Winnipegboy says:

      They have a Diversity statement.:)
      When i hear that crap from a University Prof or even a student…
      “How many Republicans are in your Sociology Department?”
      – Blank stare –

    • Douglas Hoyt says:

      For many years climate scientists have viewed themselves as the people who formulate policy. They view politicians as their puppets, who merely enforce the policies they set forth.

    • Gail Combs says:

      OH, MY

      It is almost worth dusting off my lab coat and marching in front of them with a sign

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      This is the image I see when I think of marching scientists …

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Scientists of the world, unite!

      In the good old days, scientists loved to march for progress, class justice and world peace every May 1st. It’s great to see this progressive revival.

      We will both have a diversity committee and a diverse steering committee that represents people of many backgrounds and identities.

      Science is done by POC, women, immigrants, LGBTQ, indigenous people, people of all beliefs and non-belief. We hope that this diversity is reflected in both the leadership of the march and the march itself.

  9. SxyxS says:

    After trying to forbid free speech for years by ridiculing people,with artificial world creation like climate denier(the similarity to the term holocaust denier is 100%purpose=the good ole nazi blame-game)
    all of a sudden free speech is important.
    To keep the flow of the free money towards them.

    btw-i’m pretty sure this guy is a 100% anti-gun rights guy(as most university poisened human beings in the states),
    but will change his mind instantly when a burglar gets into his house.

    Law is only a thing for the progressive as long as it serves him,
    but as soon as it becomes an
    obstacle it can be ignored.

  10. Steve Case says:

    Trump is not “KING” He can’t order one from
    discussing free speech! 1st amendment protects
    us. As a scientist at NPS, I ******* REFUSE!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Poor Baby (-:

    • Andy DC says:

      As a private citizen, he can say whatever the hell he wants to say, as if anyone gives a rats behind. But as a Government civil servant, he is obligated to serve in the way his superiors ask him to serve. If he feels that is too onerous, he can leave his cushy job, get on his soapbox and rant away. No one is saying he can’t, just not on the Government’s time and expense. You can’t have it both ways.

  11. AndyG55 says:

    Sorry, as an Aussie , I don’t always know the acronyms

    NPS = National Parks Service ?

  12. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Fake is officially out. Trump will build the wall; Mexico will pay for it.

    Now leaders of the US NAS (National Academy of Sciences), the long alphabetical list of federal agencies – CDC, DOE, EPA, NASA, NOAA, etc. – the UN (United Nations) will have to make an abrupt U-turn and serve, rather than deceive, the public.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      I suggest they start by admitting the logical error in Dr. Carl von Weizsacker’s definition of “nuclear binding energy.” My research mentor first recognized that error on 13 June 1936, next realized the error while examining the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945, and spent the rest of his life trying to prevent the enslavement of humanity with fake nuclear science: PAUL KAZUO KURODA (1917-2001)

      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        Weizsacker’s error reversed the natural direction of nuclear evolution and destroyed the very foundations of astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, nuclear, particle, solar, space, and theoretical physics.

        • Oliver K. Manuel says:

          If Trump drains the swamp, we may also discover if the CIA worked for the UN (United Nations), like the NAS and the long list of alphabetical research agencies whose annual budgets were reviewed by NAS for Congress.

  13. Taphonomic says:


    Trump didn’t ban anything. The EPA Office Of Public Affairs is in charge of approving all of those things that AP says Trump is banning. The EPA is being reminded that these are their standard practices. The Department of Interior probably has similar guidelines, so ScienceGuy better re-read his employment contract.

    This can be seen on the OPA website:

    OPA is the primary office for all EPA communications. The Associate Administrator for Public Affairs is the principal advisor to the Administrator on all issues concerning short-term and long-term strategic communications. OPA:
    •prepares speeches for the Administrator and senior managers,
    •serves as the principal news media gateway for official agency announcements, press releases and statements, speeches, Congressional and public hearing testimony, biographies of principal officers, and other documents of public interest,
    •coordinates the agency’s external message for emergency response activities,
    •serves as the agency-wide point of contact for the planning, developing, and reviewing of all agency print, promotional, display, audiovisual and broadcast products (other than news and web-based products) intended for the public,
    •directs agency multilingual outreach and communications efforts,
    •manages EPA’s web content, including content on and in new social media, and
    •communicates with EPA personnel on a variety of topics.

    Programs and Projects Managed by OPA
    •EPA newsroom
    •Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other social media channels
    •The EPA Blog

    • Gail Combs says:

      The EPA, DHS, DofE… and the rest of the alphabet agencies are part of the ADMINISTRATION and President Trump is now HEAD of that Admin.

      Trump is now their BOSS and can do as he pleases with them unless other was directed specifically by Congressional law.

      The Gruniad: Trump bans agencies from ‘providing updates on social media or to reporters

      PBS/NPR In Panic: Trump Administration To Defund/Privatize

      Currently, a half-billion dollars in taxpayer money is given to National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) each year. Trump plans to do away with that. The Hill has reported:

      “The Trump Administration needs to reform and cut spending dramatically, and targeting waste like the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be a good first step in showing that the Trump Administration is serious about radically reforming the federal budget,” said Brian Darling, a former aide to Paul and a former staffer at the Heritage Foundation.

      The Regan Administration attempted something similar in the 1980s, but was ultimately convinced against it….

      • RAH says:

        Does it really matter? I don’t think so. The web of clandestine communications between congress, the Federal Bureaucracies, and the leftist press are so well established it won’t stop information flow.

  14. Gail Combs says:

    Trump is moving really fast.

    The Fake News is not going to be able to keep up much less the mobile rent a mob.

    • Latitude says:

      All these republicans…and democrazies….that have been saying they can’t get anything done…
      Trump is making fools of them all

      They have to be pissin in their shorts

      • Jimmy Haigh says:

        Absolutely. I think Trump will show just what can be done – already is doing it – and the political classes are bricking it because people are going to rightly ask what the hell they have been doing for the last God knows how long.

        • Latitude says:

          …playing us for fools
          That’s what they have been doing.
          Keeping it stirred up, keeping it going, and doing nothing about it….politics

          Democrats/Republicans….same dog different collar

    • RAH says:

      Let the steam roller roll! Exactly the tactic I figured he would use. Not that I’m any Kreskin. Just that I understand military tactics and strategy and this is a war with tactics not unlike those used in combat which is what I anticipated Trump would use. It just makes sense. Trump is going to get more done during his first year as POTUS than most presidents get done in years.

      My only concern is the SCOTUS nomination. However even in that the democrats don’t hold all the trump card no matter how it seems. The fact is they have 23 seats in the Senate up for grabs and 8 of those seats are in states which Trump won and were won by the democrat with 57% of the vote or less. Chuck Schumer has a responsibility to try and keep the democrats from losing all their power in the legislature and too much delay and resistance will only alienate more moderates than already have been and motivate more people to turn out against them in the midterms.

  15. Pauly says:

    From Judith Curry’s blog today:

    “Article 2 of the Constitution

    So what is going on? If you are not familiar with the U.S. constitution, take a look at Article 2, The Executive Branch. Here is a good Summary. Excerpt of the key section:

    Clause 1. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

    Here the Framers spell out several of the president’s more important powers. First and foremost, he is commander-in-chief of the military. Second, he is the boss of the heads of all the civilian departments of government; the bit here about requiring their written opinions provides the constitutional basis for the cabinet. And third, he has the power to pardon individuals convicted of crimes.

    Basically, the civilian departments such as EPA, USDA and NOAA now work for President Trump, with the Directors of these agencies working with the administration to further the President’s policies.

    You may ask: What about academic freedom for government research scientists? Forget about it, it doesn’t exist. Scientists working in government labs, agencies, etc. work on scientific problems or technologies that further the administrations interests. Does this mean that it is legitimate for them to torque scientific findings in the direction of the administrations interests? No. Rather, it means that government employed scientists shall now work on projects that are of interest to the Trump administration.”

    In short, you can have your First Amendment rights, or you can work for the government. Don’t assume you can do both, because you can’t.

  16. GW says:

    Alert ! Fox News, (Shepard Smith) was just reporting on the falsehoods told by the trump administration via Spicer about inauguration crowd size, and now about voter fraud where there is ZERO evidence of any and has been repeatedly shown not to be any. They’re saying the Pew investigation was misinterpreted. This is despite the reports published that showed Stewart Smalley defeated Paul Coleman by a few hundred votes as a result of several thousand fraudulent votes (I think Gail provided links to that report).

    Fake News Baby.
    Trust No One

    • Gail Combs says:

      Hyena News is no friend of the USA.

      Fox News is owned by Aussie Globalist Murdoch and his best buddy Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Tala.

      …Rupert Murdoch-Open Borders: The link is that the Rupert Murdoch (Chairman/CEO News Corp, Owner of Fox News) is co-chair of the open borders group, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE). PNAE was one of biggest supporters of Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Bill/Amnesty push. They flooded the airways and media with pro immigration reform propaganda. Fox News was also devoid of unbiased reporting of this bill….

      Murdoch and Ailes support of open boarders and the Gang of 8 immigration revamping has never been disclosed by Fox News ….
      Murdoch has also stated: “We need to do away with the cap on H-1B visas, which is arbitrary and results in U.S. companies struggling to find the high-skill workers they need to continue growing. “

      BREITBART: The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

      Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

      In addition to blanketing the country, media, and politicians with literature, advertisements, and a barrage of lobbyists pushing for open border immigration policies, the Partnership for A New American Economy (PNAE) was a prime lobbyist for one of the biggest open borders pushes in American history: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79%’s 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill….

      Interestingly, Bill Sammon — FOX News’s vice president of News and Washington managing editor — is the father of Brooke Sammon, who is Rubio’s press secretary.

      As Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)36% and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
      told The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza back in 2013, Fox News was essential to the Rubio-Schumer effort to expand immigration levels beyond all known historical precedent…

      ….a massive fly-in trip of more than 600 activists, which was organized by the Chamber, the tech industry’s, the National Immigration Forum and the Partnership for a New American Economy, which was co-founded New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
      Why in Hades is AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in FAVOR of the Gang of 8 immigration that threatens American Union workers. What was the back room deal? 100% Unionization of US workers? (SWAG)
      More on the background link

      Trump SCHOOLS Pompous Saudi Prince: “Has YOUR Country Taken ANY of the Syrian Refugees?”

      ….Of course, Trump is right.
      Saudi Arabia has banned Syrian immigrants from its country due to security concerns.

      Over one million migrants will relocate to Europe this year.

      But the wealthiest Muslim nations – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait have accepted NO SYRIAN REFUGEES!

    • Gail Combs says:

      How Widespread is Voter Fraud? | 2012 Facts & Figures

      Here are the facts:

      To date, 46 states have prosecuted or convicted cases of voter fraud.
      More than 24 million voter registrations are invalid, yet remain on the rolls nation-wide.
      There are over 1.8 million dead voters still eligible on the rolls across the country.
      More than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.
      True The Vote recently found 99 cases of potential felony interstate voter fraud.
      Maryland affiliates of True The Vote uncovered cases of people registering and voting after their respective deaths.
      This year, True The Vote uncovered more than 348,000 dead people on the rolls in 27 states.
      California: 49,000
      Florida: 30,000
      Texas: 28,500
      Michigan: 25,000
      Illinois: 24,000
      12 Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents.
      The Ohio Secretary of State admitted that multiple Ohio counties have more registered voters than residents.
      Federal records showed 160 counties in 19 states have over 100 percent voter registration.
      The Florida New Majority Education Fund, Democratic Party of Florida and the National Council of La Raza are currently under investigation for alleged voter registration fraud.
      True The Vote is Chuck Norris approved.

      How popular is Voter ID?

      74 percent of Americans support, according to The Washington Post.
      71 percent of Latinos support it, according to the PEW Research Center.

      How did our voting records get so bad?

      Various groups threaten local election authorities to not maintain their rolls according to federal law:

      For the CRIME of publicizing Voter Fraud, Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, and her family’s business became a target of the Left.
      A tea-party group targeted by Democrats gets attention from the IRS—and the FBI, OSHA, and the ATF
      After the kind attentions of the IRS, came the FBI scrutinizing their sign-up to a Tea Party group and then…

      …the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) launched an unscheduled audit of their machine shop….

      That was in February. In July, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration paid a visit to Engelbrecht Manufacturing while Bryan, Catherine, and their children were out of town. The OSHA inspector talked with the managerial staff and employees, inspecting the premises minutely. But Bryan says the agent found only “little Mickey Mouse stuff, like, ‘You have safety glasses on, but not the right kind; the forklift has a seatbelt, but not the right kind.’” Yet Catherine and Bryan said the OSHA inspector complimented them on their tightly run shop and said she didn’t know why she had been sent to examine it…. Not long after, the tab arrived. OSHA was imposing $25,000 in fines on Engelbrecht Manufacturing.

      A few months later, True the Vote became the subject of congressional scrutiny. In September, Senator Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) wrote to Thomas Perez, then the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division at the Department of Justice (who has now been nominated for labor secretary). “As you know, an organization called ‘True the Vote,’ which is an offshoot of the Tea Party, is leading a voter suppression campaign in many states,” Boxer wrote, adding that “this type of intimidation must stop. I don’t believe this is ‘True the Vote.’ I believe it’s ‘Stop the Vote.’”

      And in October, Representative Elijah Cummings (D., Md.), the ranking minority member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, attacked True the Vote in a letter. He wrote that “some have suggested that your true goal is not voter integrity, but voter suppression against thousands of legitimate voters who traditionally vote for Democratic candidates.” He added that: “If these efforts are intentional, politically motivated, and widespread across multiple states, they could amount to a criminal conspiracy to deny legitimate voters their constitutional rights.” He also decried True the Vote on MSNBC and CNN

      The next month, in November 2012, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state’s environmental agency, showed up for an unscheduled audit at Engelbrecht Manufacturing. Catherine says the inspector told her the agency had received a complaint but couldn’t provide any more details. After the inspection, the agency notified the Engelbrechts that they needed to pay for an additional mechanical permit, which cost about $2,000 per year….

      And then it was back to the IRS….

      …True the Vote (TTV) President Catherine Engelbrecht issued the following statement in response to Thursday night’s House Oversight Committee hearing testimony, in which TIGTA Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, Timothy Camus, revealed that the IRS is now being investigated for criminal misconduct including lying under oath about disposition of missing emails and finding of email backup tapes that appear to have been intentionally erased.

      “The IRS was apparently given instruction to do whatever necessary to silence those who spoke out against the Obama Administration. It became a West Wing weapon of choice,” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “As the nation’s only pro-liberty election integrity organization, True the Vote was marked for takedown by the IRS early in 2010, along with hundreds of other organizations that spoke openly about government corruption. It took a long time, too long, for the pieces to be put together, but Americans are beginning to understand that the politics of ‘hope and change’ has an enforcement arm that operates like an organized crime syndicate….

      So yes there is voter fraud, TONS of voter fraud and the left is scared that it will be uncovered because they have been stealing elections for years as Veritas showed.

  17. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Apparently Trump’s order is in response to tweets by the National Park service claiming that summer surface water temperatures in Lake Superior have risen by 4.5 degrees F since 1980:

    (Pardon me if the link doesn’t show up properly, I’m new at this.)

    What’s the real scoop on Lake Superior water temps?

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Go to and click Lake Superior for your answer. The Badlands tweet is badly wrong. And it violated Trumps executive order. And probably the Hatch Act.

      • Advocatus Diaboli says:


        Huh, the NPS didn’t make it easy to verify their claims. Unless I missed something (entirely possible), the data on the “Statistics” page seems to give temperature graphs dating back only to the early 1990s.

    • Rud Istvan says:

      BTW, AD, did not mean to seem cross. But if you want to play in this league, learn google fu. That requires three things. 1. Use The Arts of Truth (an ebook on same, of course actually about untruths) to sort issues like perspective, stats, and grass eating snakes for key search terms. 2. Google those terms in combinations. 3. Ignore all MSM/ blogish websites (SKS and Realclimate being prime examples) until after you understand the facts as best can. Its OK to then go back to bloggish stuff to understand how distortions and half truths are created. It took me about 10 seconds to find GLERL. It another 15 seconds to figure out how to use the site to get Lake Superior alone over the past 5 years. If more commenters passed google fu 101, there would be fewer commenters and much more interesting comments.
      And you might find the Arts of Truth book interesting. Last very long example chapter wrapping all previous things together is only climate change. Hundreds of footnotes. My views have changed a bit since then. But it was vetted by none other than Richard Lindzen just before he retired from MIT. I spent a day with him at the cost of buying him lunch. Great day. And he critiqued the whole book, not just the climate chapter. The long Svalbard footnote in the continental drift example in the recognition chapter is just one example of his enormous contribution. Regards

      • Advocatus Diaboli says:

        Not a problem, Rud Istvan. Been lurking around here for a while and have learned a ton, but I’m no climate specialist — just someone who wants to be able to neutralize the daily dose of B.S. that my family members get from the MSM.

        Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll look for it.

  18. GW says:

    Alert ! Fox News, (Shepard Smith) was just reporting on the falsehoods told by the trump administration via Spicer about inauguration crowd size, and now about voter fraud where there is ZERO evidence of any and there has repeatedly shown not to be any. They’re saying the Pew investigation was misinterpreted. This is despite the reports published that showed Stewart Smalley defeated Paul Coleman by a few hundred votes as a result of several thousand fraudulent votes (I think Gail provided links to that report).

    Fake News Baby.
    Trust No One

  19. BBould says:

    It’s only getting better.

  20. Hahahaha. Turns out the looter ex-scientists have forgotten some math Carl Sagan popularized, long ago but in this very galaxy, pushing for SETI. The unnamed 97% consensus results from using addition where multiplication is called for:
    The probability of two linked events, if memory serves, is the product of the probabilities of the events considered separately. Hence 97%, in the original, really works out to 43% once the bad math is cleared away.

  21. RAH says:

    Now here’s some free speech. Found this rant over at the Ace of Spades HQ blog:

    “How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom [Warden]
    —Open Blogger
    There’s a frustrating game that the left plays with conservatives. It’s an Alinksy tactic called, “Make them live up to their values.” Now, living up to one’s values isn’t a bad thing, but setting high standards ultimately means that you’ll sometimes fall short.
    The left loves to exploit these shortcomings–Every Christian who falls short of perfection is a hypocrite; the social values candidate you voted for just got arrested for drunk driving. Haha, everything you believe and advocate is now discredited.
    They got away with it for years, waving away the lies, hypocrisy, indiscretions, and criminal behavior from their own politicians while beating the right mercilessly with the missteps of their own. It’s effective because the right always maintains a baseline of integrity not displayed by the left, as evidenced by comparing what happens to Republican politicians when they’re caught in criminal behavior with what happens to Democrats. Republican voters and politicians reluctantly dump the malefactor while Democrats defend their guy and launch an offensive against those demand accountability.
    And then came along Trump, a guy just ripe for demonization by the left. I think it’s fair to say that even his early supporters worried that the Democrats would successfully make him toxic to the general voting public with his boorish behavior, vulgarity, multiple bankruptcies and very public divorces.
    But something strange happened. Not only did Donald Trump not care about attacks on his character, neither did anyone else. We saw this new paradigm assert itself over and over during the primary throughout repeated media predictions that this time he’s gone to far and he’s cooked.
    This same indifference that helped Trump carry the election has continued into the early days of his administration. With it comes a refreshingly freeing state of mind. Personally, I don’t feel in any way responsible for Trump, nor do I feel compelled to defend him against attack.
    Why? Because I voted for retribution.
    “He’s think-skinned and petty!” shrieks the left. “He takes everything personally!”
    Good, I say. I want him to take attacks personally and deal out payback. I know I won’t be the target, you will be.
    “He’s unpresidential! He’ll destroy the integrity of the office!”
    No, that’s already happened. Remember, you elected a shit-talking jackass who takes selfies at state funerals when he’s not giving stealth middle fingers to his opponents during debates. There is no dignity of the office, not after Clinton and Obama.
    “He’s a narcissist! He’s got totalitarian impulses!”
    Yes, he’s basically a mirror version of Obama. Except now, he’ll be working for what I want. The end justifies the means. You taught me that.
    “A sitting president going after the media. OMG!”
    Oh, like Obama trashing Rush Limbaugh and Fox News? How about when he sent his lackeys to berate news reporters for failure to flatter him at all times. Oh, and NSA spying on the press. That was pretty great, too.
    “He won’t show his taxes!”
    Don’t care. Where are Obama’s college transcripts, by the way?
    “He’s a bully! Is this what you want? Someone who uses his power to bully other people?!!!”
    And this is where everything funnels down to the very nexus of my change in attitude from “Do unto others” to “I will do unto you what you do unto me.”
    It’s two words: Memories Pizza.
    It was that moment that everything changed for me–not only the harassment, fake Yelp reviews and the death threats that forced them to temporarily close up shop–oh, that was bad enough, but the most powerful man on Earth bullying a couple of small town pizza owners from Indiana simply for expressing an opinion on a hypothetical asked of them by a reporter with a malicious agenda? That was when I snapped.
    Do you remember?

    It’s this that sent me to a place from which I’ll never return. I literally don’t care what Donald Trump does because nothing he can do is worse than what they’ve already done.
    Donald Trump isn’t the bully; he only insults and abuses people in power who have attacked him. They’re the fucking bullies. The left, with their smears, their witch hunts, their slanders, their insults and their weaponizing of the federal bureaucracy.
    There aren’t any rules anymore because the left only applies them one way. And in doing so, they’ve left what once was a civil compact between the two parties in smoldering ruins.
    I have no personal investment in Donald Trump. He is a tool to punish the left and roll back their ill-gotten gains, no more and no less. If he succeeds even partially in those two things, then I’ll consider his election a win.
    Further, I no longer have any investment in any particular political values, save one: The rules created by the left will be applied to the left as equally and punitively as they have applied them to the right. And when they beg for mercy, I’ll begin to reconsider. Or maybe not. Because fuck these people.
    This new philosophy has freed me of more emotional angst that I can describe. Literally nothing the left says or does matters to me anymore. I don’t care about their tantrums. I don’t care about their accusations. I don’t care if they say Trump is lying. I don’t care if Trump is lying.
    They created this Frankenstein. They own it. I am free of all obligation. I will never play defense again. I will attack, attack, attack, attack using their own tactics against them until they learn their lesson.
    What I will not do is let them play my values against me ever again. I don’t need to prove that I’m better than them. I already know it.”

    • Latitude says:


      Can I borrow that?

      • RAH says:

        I did from the Ace of Spades HQ blog.
        Now gotta go. Run to Dexter, MO and back. Should be done for the week then. Catch ya on the flip side.

        • Oliver K. Manuel says:

          You from Dexter?

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            No, but every once in a while he is out of Dexter. :)

          • Rah says:

            From a place just outside Anderson, IN. Sitting here backed into a door at the Fauricia plant in Dexter. About a mile down from the Walmart on Arvin Rd. Receiving doesn’t open until 06:00 local. They,LL unload the 36,000 lbs of freight from 14 different shippers then I go to the other side of the building and get loaded with empty totes, racks, etc. Then go to the Walmart and take a 10 hr break and then drive home.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      I’m in the same place and I haven’t felt this free for a long time. Fuck ’em.

    • GW says:

      I saw on the Decades channel an interview of Saul Alinsky on the Dick Cavett show. He was an articulate genius. And a complete scumbag. I also saw an interview of Paul Erlich on Johnny Carson. He was an idiot.

    • Libsarenavelint says:

      RAH wrote: “There’s a frustrating game that the left plays with conservatives. It’s an Alinksy tactic called, “Make them live up to their values.” Now, living up to one’s values isn’t a bad thing, but setting high standards ultimately means that you’ll sometimes fall short.
      The left loves to exploit these shortcomings–Every Christian who falls short of perfection is a hypocrite; the social values candidate you voted for just got arrested for drunk driving. Haha, everything you believe and advocate is now discredited.”

      My favorite cartoon perfectly illustrates this:

    • Jason Calley says:

      +100 THAT is a seriously good rant! I think it more accurately describes how a lot of us feel than anything else I have read!

    • Gail Combs says:

      Sorry I blew the HTML.

      Here is another showing how we American citizens are screwed by the politicians.

      First: Trump – Hidden Report: Mexico Remittances Total More Than Entire Mexican Oil Revenue “Remittances sent home by Mexicans working outside the country… total US $24.8 billion last year, up from $23.6 billion in 2014, said the Bank of México….” That is money NOT circulating in our economy making more wealth. Even when they use a SS# illegals will often claim a large number of dependents so they keep most of their wages. After all who is going to check?

      Then there is the cost from the Mexican Drug cartels.
      DOJ Report: Nearly Half of Fed Crimes Near Mexican Border

      Crime is so high along the Mexican border that nearly half of all the criminal cases filed by federal prosecutors in the United States last fiscal year were concentrated in a handful of districts located in that region, according to the U.S. government’s figures.

      It’s not as if this is new, but to see it spelled out in a government report with a detailed breakdown is truly alarming. The statistics illustrate that the Mexican-border region is a cesspool of crime that’s costing American taxpayers a chunk of change not to mention loads of grief….
      Of the 61,529 criminal cases initiated by federal prosecutors last fiscal year, more than 40%—or 24,746—were filed in court districts neighboring the Mexican border….

      Not surprisingly, most of the offenses were immigration related. In fact, 38.6% of all federal cases (23,744) filed last year involved immigration, the DOJ report confirms. Nearly 22% (13,383) were drug related, 19.7% (12,123) were violent crimes and 10.2% (6,300) involved white-collar offenses that include a full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals….

      However, the problem has escalated at an alarming rate in the last few years. Last spring Judicial Watch reported that violence in the region has gotten so out of control that both Mexican and American journalists have largely stopped reporting it out of fear that drug cartels will retaliate against them and their families. Around the same time a small town paper in Reynosa, the twin borer city of McAllen in south Texas, bravely ran a story describing the fear and panic that filled the streets during a three-hour firefight between rival drug cartels.…..

      With that as a background we find Mayor de Blasio is taking tax money and using it to provide lawyers to illegal aliens. (Along with all the money for food stamps, housing, education, interpreters, law enforcement… )

      Half a million of New Yorkers happen to be undocumented immigrants. They are part of the fabric of this city,” NYC Mayor de Blasio stated. “The message to New Yorkers who are worried about the policies of the Trump administration is we are going to do all in our power to protect them and to get them support.

      Other US cities have similar programs. Remember the Mexican judge that went after Trump University even though the plaintiff had videos up saying how wonderful the course was? He is a La Raza Assoc lawyer who provides services to illegals at the border.

      Also note de Blasio is saying that in a northern city like NYC, 11% of the population are illegals so that expanded gives 33% of America’s population as illegal and agrees with the 30 Million number stated by Mexico’s Former Ambassador.

      So much for the oft quoted 11 million.

  22. ClimateOtter says:

    This sites needs more alarmist commentary!

    ……… well at least ONE dontchaknow.

  23. Frank K. says:

    Look! A new Twitter account designed to make it easier to identify areas for budget cuts at NASA:

  24. Nicholas Schroeder says:

    Ah, yes, free speech.

    I find it curious that both here and WUWT the notion that “back” radiation is bogus & the Slayers are marginalized and dismissed as though the GHE theory is “settled.”

    Well, it is your site and you make the rules.

    Just a tad hypocritical, though, ya think?

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      No, I don’t think it’s hypocritical, Nicholas.

      I always thought that being “marginalized and dismissed” is a risk to be taken when people exercise free speech and exchange of ideas. It can be completely wrong but that’s how human affairs work and always did. *)

      Here are a few examples of behavior I do find hypocritical:

      – Complaining about slashed funding but working to deny funds to critics.
      – Arguing that the public has the right to know but obstructing FOI requests.
      – Arguing that government scientists have the right to communicate directly to the public because their research is taxpayer-funded but claiming that the data is owned by the researchers or their institutions.

      *) I have yet to hear from a married man whose ideas have never been dismissed by his wife who exercises her right to speak freely about any topic she likes.

  25. jim steele says:

    Jewell invited any individuals who “denied” global warming” to “see the melting permafrost in Alaska or the disappearing snowpacks in the Sierra Mountains.”

    She should invite them to the Sierra now where snowpack is ~200% of normal

  26. RAH says:

    Germany and some of the other EU countries need to be put on notice also. They are raiding the homes of their citizens and jailing them for nothing more than publically and peacefully opposing and vocalizing their objections to their countries being overrun by the flood of Muslims.

    Millions of us Americans, plus those from the UK and Canada did not spend decades and tons of treasure holding off the Soviet Bear just to see Germany start to transition into something akin to the GDR. Until people learn that the best way for the individual citizen that the best way to nip political oppression at it’s bud before it gets a grip is to stand up for the fundamental rights of everyone, they will always be ripe for a reemergence of another Hitler.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Darn good reason to use NATO as leverage.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Merkel wants a EU Army that will do what H1tler could not, subjugate all of Europe.

        Seems 2/3s of the German population is finally waking up.

        BERLIN, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Popular support for Chancellor Angela Merkel has plunged according to a poll conducted after attacks in Germany, with almost two-thirds of Germans unhappy with her refugee policy. The survey for public broadcaster ARD showed support for Merkel down 12 points from her July rating to 47 percent

        • neal s says:

          Wouldn’t surprise me much if the remaining third that still favors Merkel is the Muslim rapeugees she brought into the country.

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