Zeke Responds

Zeke responded to my analysis by blocking me.  Because climate alarmists hate censorship.

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28 Responses to Zeke Responds

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Nothing like admitting you don’t have a scientific leg to stand on.

    Way to go Zeke!

    • Windsong says:

      Ryan Maue at Weatherbell thinks a lot of this could be astroturfing. (I admit that I had to look the term up.) The tweets could be coming from anybody, anywhere.

  2. Bob Grise says:

    It’s even worse! Apparently Zeke has blocked realclimatescience.com on Google Chrome too! I could not reach this site just now on Chrome. A page went up that said this site does not have a secure connection. I had no such problem with my Mozilla browser.
    As for Zeke, he is probably feeling a little pressure! Good!

  3. Rah says:

    I’m posting this on Google chrome on my cell phone.

  4. Rud Istvan says:

    Zeke just revealed the weakness in his position. But he cannot block the rest of us from passing TH’s analysis of Zeke’s mistakes around using Twitter, Facebook, email, and other blogs.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    ‘He who hides something has something to hide.’

    If Zeke’s only response to an entirely legitimate science and evidence-based challenge is to block his interlocutor and refuse point blank any further discussions about his work, theories and methodologies then that speaks much louder about the weakness of his position than anything Tony can say. Really, what IS an impartial observer supposed to make when valid questions are met with the sound of slamming doors and running feet? Zeke, by being a yellow dog you effectively falsify your own work.

    What he also fails to understand is that in the eyes of neutrals and undecided’s every single one of these absurd foot-stamping alarmist responses simply consolidates the credibility of sceptical claims whilst weakening alarmism. Why wouldn’t it? Are we supposed to be impressed by a person who refuses to defend his work or someone who puts his work (including data and methodology) out into the public domain for uncensored scrutiny? What other conclusion can a rational person arrive at? Sorry Zeke but your self-inflicted defeat is yet another scalp for Tony.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Stomp feet is a sure indication that you have no valid argument.

      Here in the colonies is this lawyerly saying “If you have the law, hammer the law. If you have the facts, hammer the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer the table”.

      Scoundrels haven’t changed tactics in over two hundred years.

  6. Let’s start referring to these people by their proper credential: “climatists”. Tim Ball, Judith Curry are scientist. These people . . . um, not so much. Climatists push C8 (Cash Cow Caucasian Caused Catastrophic Carbon Climate Change) or $um such Bull$hit.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I call them ClimAstrologists since they are claiming they can see the future.

    • Rud Istvan says:

      They are warmunists. Defined precisely at the end of essay Climatastrosophistry (h/t Mary Poppins), inspired by former Czech president Vaclav Klaus and his book Blue Planet in Green Chains. It is false science like Lysenkoism raised to false religion proportions like Cargo Cults. Which combination also describes communists and socialists, for whom the problem has always been (Venezuela being the current poster child), What do you do when you run out of other people’s money?

  7. eliza says:

    This guy was always a 1st class p@@@ from the beginning when he used to post AGW drivel at Lucia’s lukewarming site which I think eventually became irrevelant. He should be fired for being so scientifically incompentent if hes got a job anywhere close to weather organization

    • Gail Combs says:

      He slithered around WUWT and Judith Curry’s blog too.

      Back in 2014, Zeke Hausefeather did a hatchet job on Steve in his article @ Judith Curry’s Understanding Adjustments to Temperature Data. The Mosh pup was there defending BEST. Zeke and Mosher are defending the TOBS adjustments that Steve (and I) say are bogus.

      This time he is so far out in left field he isn’t even bothering to try and justify. He just slams the door and stomps off.

  8. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    “…climate alarmists hate censorship.”

    But not nearly as much as they hate debate.

  9. Tim says:

    Looked at Zeke’s Twitter and seen where he lives, so no wonder Tony was blocked.

    Well I was and still am blocked by Micheal Mann for just asking a simple question.

    These guys can’t even answer simple questions without even going crazy.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Very interesting to see the names on horsefather’s twitter link.

      Many are the top priests of the AGW climate scam !!

  10. Eric Simpson says:

    The leftist climatists like this dork Zeke Hausfather are fkrs as well as loons.

  11. Stephen Richards says:

    I just don’t know what to make of Mosher and howsyerfather. In the beginning, Mosher was more antiAGW than AGW. He then disappeared of the blogs and returned completely flipped. That came with BEST, I think, and howsyerfather.
    Mosher’s problem is that he is an English teacher as I remember and therefore not well in on the stats front. Howsyerfather just looks like another seeker of fame through the AGW bandwagon.
    When he appeared on Lucy’s site she appeared to support his stupidity so I stopped going there. Haven’t looked for years.

    The problem for all of them is that Tony has far greater ability to seek out the data. Tony is very like Joe Bastardi in that respect.

    Two people I admire immensely and I say that rarely.

  12. gator69 says:

    How alarmists reach a consensus…

  13. R. de Haan says:

    Hausefather and his ilk, the DoDo’s of our time.

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