Government Experts Say Polar Bears Have Been Extinct For 7,000 Years

The Obama Administration lurched back to their Polar Bear scam again, saying bears can’t survive without sea ice, the ice is disappearing, and that we can stop it by prohibiting Obama from flying 10,000 miles on a huge jet to play golf.

Human-Driven Global Warming Is Biggest Threat to Polar Bears, Report Says – The New York Times

Polar Bears don’t need ice all the time. The Arctic was ice-free 7,000 years ago, and Hudson Bay Polar bears survive without ice for several months every year. There is no indication the Arctic will be ice-free anytime soon and zero evidence that CO2 has any meaningful impact on the climate.

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago — ScienceDaily

None of the things they said had any validity to them, but that is the norm for the most dishonest President in American history.

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