Systematic Destruction Of The Temperature Record Since 2000

There was plenty of data tampering to the temperature record prior to the year 2000, but since the year 2000 the tampering has become very systematic and cynical. Gavin Schmidt at NASA has more than doubled global warming by altering his own temperature data since 2000.

NASA data

Note the spectacular hockey stick of data tampering since the year 2000.

This presents a huge problem for Gavin, because satellite temperatures show little or no warming since the year 2000.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Furthermore, Gavin is continuously tampering with data to make his hockey stick of temperature fraud even worse. Not the upwards change since before the election.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Satellite data from RSS shows earth cooling at the fastest rate on record over the last ten months This graph shows the current temperature anomaly minus the anomaly ten months earlier.


Carl Mears at RSS has come to Gavin’s rescue however, by telling people not to use his lower troposphere data, and instead use his TTT data set which reaches all the way up to 50,000 feet – where temperatures are about minus 100 degrees.


Carl’s new TTT data set shows a lot more warming than the lower troposphere data.

RSS / MSU and AMSU Data / Time Series Trend Browser

We see the same systematic hockey stick of data alteration, in an effort to make  satellite data match Gavin’s altered temperature data.


Are Carl Mears’ changes legitimate? A good way to test them is to compare versus radiosonde data of the troposphere. Unfortunately NOAA has done exactly the same data tampering to the radiosonde data. Their original radiosonde data showed only 0.2C warming since 1958, so they altered it to produce 0.8C warming.

Original data    Altered data

Once again, we see the same hockey stick of data tampering to bring radiosonde data in line with Gavin’s highly altered temperature data.

And NOAA has done exactly the same thing with US temperature data.  It didn’t match the altered global temperature data, so NOAA altered US temperatures to make them match fake global temperatures.

Adjusted Data   Raw Data

Again, we see the same hockey stick of data tampering.

All of the data sets have been massively tampered with since the year 2000, in an effort to bring them in line with the tampered NASA data set. And this doesn’t even include the massive tampering done prior to the year 2000 to erase the 1940’s temperature spike, and post-1940’s global cooling.

14 Jul 1974, Page 1 – Lincoln Evening Journal

All of this data tampering was committed intentionally, and in collusion between agencies.


Climate science depends on the accuracy of this data, which is neither accurate nor legitimate. Global warming is the biggest science scam in history.

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