Systematic Destruction Of The Temperature Record Since 2000

There was plenty of data tampering to the temperature record prior to the year 2000, but since the year 2000 the tampering has become very systematic and cynical. Gavin Schmidt at NASA has more than doubled global warming by altering his own temperature data since 2000.

NASA data

Note the spectacular hockey stick of data tampering since the year 2000.

This presents a huge problem for Gavin, because satellite temperatures show little or no warming since the year 2000.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Furthermore, Gavin is continuously tampering with data to make his hockey stick of temperature fraud even worse. Not the upwards change since before the election.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Satellite data from RSS shows earth cooling at the fastest rate on record over the last ten months This graph shows the current temperature anomaly minus the anomaly ten months earlier.


Carl Mears at RSS has come to Gavin’s rescue however, by telling people not to use his lower troposphere data, and instead use his TTT data set which reaches all the way up to 50,000 feet – where temperatures are about minus 100 degrees.


Carl’s new TTT data set shows a lot more warming than the lower troposphere data.

RSS / MSU and AMSU Data / Time Series Trend Browser

We see the same systematic hockey stick of data alteration, in an effort to make  satellite data match Gavin’s altered temperature data.


Are Carl Mears’ changes legitimate? A good way to test them is to compare versus radiosonde data of the troposphere. Unfortunately NOAA has done exactly the same data tampering to the radiosonde data. Their original radiosonde data showed only 0.2C warming since 1958, so they altered it to produce 0.8C warming.

Original data    Altered data

Once again, we see the same hockey stick of data tampering to bring radiosonde data in line with Gavin’s highly altered temperature data.

And NOAA has done exactly the same thing with US temperature data.  It didn’t match the altered global temperature data, so NOAA altered US temperatures to make them match fake global temperatures.

Adjusted Data   Raw Data

Again, we see the same hockey stick of data tampering.

All of the data sets have been massively tampered with since the year 2000, in an effort to bring them in line with the tampered NASA data set. And this doesn’t even include the massive tampering done prior to the year 2000 to erase the 1940’s temperature spike, and post-1940’s global cooling.

14 Jul 1974, Page 1 – Lincoln Evening Journal

All of this data tampering was committed intentionally, and in collusion between agencies.


Climate science depends on the accuracy of this data, which is neither accurate nor legitimate. Global warming is the biggest science scam in history.

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42 Responses to Systematic Destruction Of The Temperature Record Since 2000

  1. The Iconoclast says:

    Your evidence is compelling. I never would have thought scientists would do this. I know the huge number of small decisions that get made in making an experiment and how even subtle bias can skew the results, but I expected that they would have drawn the line at altering data.

    They did not.

    The paragraph between the two highlighted paragraphs in the Wigley email is really damning. He’s talking about why he decided on the number he chose to use to alter the record, how he couldn’t completely get rid of the ocean blip because it had to be there to go with the land blip!

    Then they fit the models to match the historic temperature record, even if they sort of say they don’t? I predict a lot of predicted warming in our future.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Yes. And remember that Wigley email was thought to be a private communication. It was only revealed to the public because of ClimateGate.

      They have conspired in a systematic way to totally alter the temperature data. They have completely removed the extensive cooling between 1940 and 1975 worldwide. They have thoroughly mangled the US temperatures, and done similar blip removing manipulations in localities throughout the world that cooled the 1930s and warmed today’s temps.

      The final result of their mountains of manipulations is to camouflage the fact that, worldwide, the 1930s were hotter than today.

    • Phil Jones says:

      That’s a lot of Hockey…

  2. He who pays the piper… Dems lost the Y2k election because of Green party spoiler votes, plain and simple. The party rushed to defuse that platform by adopting it wholesale and prevailing upon cooperative bureaucratic tentacles to perpetuate the fraud. Simple economics, and imitative adaptation is used by potato chip producers that lose mkt share. But ideology is a factor. Go to and understand that congregants of the communist faith who know no physics have a strong bias toward warming that justifies taxation and transfer payments. But if you go to you find virtually nobody enamored of global warming hobgoblins. Simply spreading free market (as opposed to mystical prohibitionist) ideas will go a long way toward access to energy and a thriving economy.

  3. annieoakley says:

    Is it possible to correct the altered data or are true temperature records erased?

  4. Eliza says:

    I wonder if Zeke’s Haus… paper has been withdrawn or retracted

  5. AndyG55 says:


    If we take the average of UAH and RSS on a monthly basis, then calculate the average yearly temperature,

    2016 is COOLER than 1998,
    anomalies as shown

    1998… 0.515℃
    2016… 0.425℃

  6. AndyG55 says:

    A point about TTT having more warming than TLT

    This shows that more heat is escaping to the upper atmosphere.

    OOPS !!

    Mears has just DESTROYED the CO2 as a blanket myth.

    Thanks Carl :-)

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      The stratosphere is supposed to cool in response to a warming troposphere, according to the theory.

      (Left unexplained by this theory is why the heat transfer rate from lower to upper atmosphere is supposed to decrease as well.)

  7. C. Driscoll says:

    This is very compelling. Is there an official explanation? Or is it simply that one dataset is altered, and that the other datasets are not aligned with that altered data set and therefore must be “wrong” and are thus “corrected” or ??. Is there any scientific debate on the method and amount of the alterations, or is the data handed down from the mountaintop and accepted as the word of God.

  8. SxyxS says:

    What i do NOT understand in global warming is:

    Why all those countries,politicians and rich people do not give a damn about the rise of sea level.

    Though-according to Hansen- sea level will rise
    japan and china have built artificial airports(Kensai) and islands
    in the Sea.
    In Dubai they have built entire artificial islands+homes(The palm jumeirah/the world) for the super rich good doers and world wide tax(=co2tax) promoters.

    Instead of building those islands 20 yards above sea level they are just few feets above.Isn’t this economical suicide to do so knowing that everything will be flooded within few years?

    Even the superpeacefull noble price guy Obama ,who gave 100s of billions to the banks and who invested 1 trillion in modernising atomic weapins(after promised to get rid of atomic weapons few years ago)
    has obviously forgotten to invest trillions of dollars to build news
    harbours for the warships,as the current ones will be flooded very soon.

    Seems no one really cares about global warming and the only aim(as endgoal of globalisation((created by few very rich guys+their banks&corporations))
    is to install a world wide tax((knowing that humanity will never accept such a thing the hoenest way))
    while at the same time creating world wide trade agreements(TPP,TTiP).

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Many people are puzzled by this and there are several theories:

      1. The rich and famous are not really bying beach-front properties. It’s all just reactionary lies and fake news. Malibu is a dirt-poor fisherman village and the federal government must create an agency to censor the made-up People magazine stories.

      2. It’s true but they are namesakes of celebrities, politicians and countries. Just like the news about what’s their name, Malvinas or Maldives—one of them, anyway—building brand new airports and golf courses at sea level. James Delingpole has a piece about these doppelgängers. The fake, rich Barbra Streisand-pretender with her ocean view mansion should help out the poor darling we all love.

      3. The buyers are Wall Street hedge fund speculators. Every Progressive knows you can snap up beautiful beach-front properties for pennies on the dollar, right? People are fleeing those places to higher ground but these fund managers know that sea-level rise expert—and ex-President of Malvinas or Maldives—Mohamed Nasheed pegs the chance at 50-50 that his islands won’t drown. The fund speculators spend a pittance but have an even chance to make a killing.

      4. It’s a tactical move in a geostrategic game. The Chinese know well that the fortified islands they are building in international waters will drown and they don’t care. It’s a ruse. They want us to spend fortunes opposing them while they are secretly investing on the high ground. They plan for the long haul. Why do you think they occupied Tibet? They will have a place when we all drown.

      5. Progressive federal government planners have read their Hansen and they are purposefully creating a sense of complacency among rich residents of New York City and coastal California. When as predicted the seas suddenly flood the low-lying areas just before the next election, millions of displaced, wealthy Democrats will be sent to FEMA housing in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, guaranteeing a Progressive future for the whole country.

  9. Robertv says:

    Moscow, where Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas on Friday, experienced its coldest Christmas night in 120 years. Temperatures dropped to almost -30C in the city and as low as -32.7C in Moscow Region, the Russian national meteorological service said. It was the coldest Christmas night in Moscow since 1891, when the temperature dropped to -32.7C.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      That’s why we need some warming and fast. If it stays like this the Russians will have had enough. The Norsemen did before and that’s how we ended up with Normandy and Hastings.

  10. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Tony, for your efforts to protect an unaltered record of humanity’s total dependence on the Sun – the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system.

    We were each, inexplicable endowed by that Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as Thomas Jefferson recorded on 4 July 1776.

    But the upward evolution of humanity was disrupted by the (good/mis-) fortune of Einstein’s discovery in 1905 that rest mass (m) is stored energy (E):

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . E = mc^2

    Einstein’s discovery explained why the whole universe is alive, humming with a fundamental vibration that spiritual leaders had realized decades earlier in deep meditation as

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . ommmmmm

    After Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed on 6 & 9 Aug 1945, respectively, independent nations and their national academies of sciences were united on 24 Oct 1945 in a desperate attempt by frightened world leaders to protect themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation by hiding the source of energy that powers atomic bombs and cores of ordinary stars like the Sun, galaxies like the Milky Way, and the expanding universe:

    That is how Einstein’s 1905 discovery disrupted our upward evolution and enslaved humanity.

  11. CheshireRed says:

    Yet another damning post. The silence of your opponents is damning, Tony. They have nothing to say because they have nowhere to go.

    Gavin, if I had my way you’d be in jail tonight, matey boy. For a loooooooooong stretch. For your sakes I hoe you have your legal ducks in a row. Maybe your cell is waiting for you? Lets not rush, let’s give it a long time. Time…geddit?

    You should, squire. You should.

    Tony is eviscerating your credibility yet you say…………absolutely nothing.

    Ah well, whatever. See ya in court.

  12. mat says:

    THIS Should Be All You Ever Need To See To KNOW What’s Going On
    And both lines are false btw (As in pulled out of Gavin Schmidt’s butt).

      • CheshireRed says:

        Yep. A damning piece of evidence, that.

        Looking back, before they started these alterations, I bet they thought they had it all worked out. They were achingly clever and had designed the perfect sting. They controlled the data, so they could alter it with impunity. Nobody would know a thing much less prove malfeasance.

        They reckoned without the forensic efforts of some of the most determined people around including Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, Paul Homewood and of course our host here. These guys are making a mockery of hysterical claims of ‘the gravest threat to humanity, ever’. Not only that, they’ve exposed ‘climate change’ for being the criminal racketeering scam it really is. The truth is coming for Gavin Schmidt et al and that’ll be one fact they won’t be able to adjust away.

        • Fred ohr says:

          Data alteration is not the only way the numbers have been fudged. The thermometer locations have also been “adjusted”. The GHCN thermometers have moved steadily toward the equator over the past FIVE decades and have moved to steadily lower average altitudes. Work done by the Cheifio is quite conclusive. Google him.

  13. Colorado Wellington says:

    You just do not get R=0.98

    You do but it takes some effort. Don’t they get credit for their diligence and math skills? They obviously did some precise calculations before they changed the data.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Nah, no credit. They just have the Mauna Loa CO2 data plugged automatically into the GISS computer and it spits out the graphs.

      It is the Mauna Loa techs, sifting through all that CO2 raw data that deserves the credit. Or is it the volcano who deserves the credit?

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Yes, but they have no choice. They can’t just say, never mind, there is nothing there. Can you imagine the wrath unleashed on them if the published data suddenly showed the people are being fleeced and billions are wasted on total bullshit? Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!

  14. TA says:

    Thanks for shining a little light on RSS adjustments, Tony.

  15. The fun will start on January 21……………..I can’t wait!

  16. gregole says:

    How about the GAO (Government Accounting Office) conduct and audit? After all, a lot of money is changing hands over this nonsense.

  17. Brian G Valentine says:

    Satellite temperatures are calibrated against temperatures measured at ground receiving stations. One way to stop this data tampering at NASA and NOAA is to demand explanation for any temperature discrepancy with satellite data before temperature data publication. No explanation – no publication. Make it that simple.

  18. AndyG55 says:

    If we take the zero trend line in RSS from 1997 to just before the 2015 El Nino,

    The global temperature has now dropped just below that zero trend line

    In this graph , the black trend line is calculated on the green data, then manually extended in crimson.

    The blue data is the El Nino transient and decay.

    We are back to where we started before the El Nino transient..

    …… with more cooling to come.

  19. No Mo Dupe says:

    I think Tony may need to move his WordPress blog to a server that can handle the high traffic load that he’s been acquiring over time. I get email about the posts, days after they have been posted, so any comment I may wish to add will not be timely. I think much of the latency and failure to load pictures, etc. would be remedied by moving to a server that is faster and can allocate more memory to his blog.

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