Taking Control Away From Official Disinformation Agencies

NOAA says 2016 was the second hottest year in US history.

2016 is officially the second hottest year in U.S. history – CBS News

NOAA’s own data tells a very different story. 2016 was 81’st hottest in terms of the number of hot afternoons. The number of hot afternoons was well below average and not far above a record low.

The average summer maximum temperature was slightly above average, and ranked 36th hottest. Summer maximum temperatures were nearly 2C below 1936 and nearly 1C below 1901.

NOAA thermometer data shows the US cooling over the past 90 years, but NOAA tampers with the data to create the appearance of warming.

Barack Obama has many government agencies working overtime to undermine President Trump, including the CIA, NASA and NOAA. Like with the CIA, NOAA data is fake data intended to generate fake news and undermine US democracy and policy.

The CIA lied about their surveillance program in 2013. They lied about Wikileaks. They lied about the Vermont power plant. And they lied about Trump and his lawyer Cohen. Trump called them out yesterday, and he needs to do the same with the liars at NOAA and NASA.

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