Why Temperature Fraud Matters

Barack Obama has many different government agencies in full gear telling lies to try to delegitimize Donald Trump.  NASA and NOAA represent one part of Obama’s attempted coup.

Earth’s hottest year in recorded history | The New Daily

Satellites show that temperatures in 2016 were nearly identical to 1998.  The claims of record warmth are due to massively tampered NOAA/NASA data.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Fake NASA temperatures are diverging from satellite temperatures at a rate of 1.2C per century.

Arctic sea ice extent is starting the year essentially identical to all recent years, and is growing very rapidly.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Here in the US the number of hot days was well below average, and ranked 81st hottest since 1895. Summers in the US over the past 60 years have been much cooler than they were during the previous 50 years.

NASA and NOAA temperature graphs have been massively altered, and are useful only for propaganda. They have no scientific value.

NASA Data Here

These government agencies need to be brought under control after January 20, and their personnel in charge held accountable.

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20 Responses to Why Temperature Fraud Matters

  1. Steve Case says:

    These government agencies need to be brought under control after January 20, and their personnel in charge held accountable.

    Once upon a time the mice decided that a bell should be tied around the cat’s neck.

    I hope President Trump is up to the job.

  2. gator69 says:

    Excellent work Tony! This one is going out to my deplorable posse…

  3. griff says:

    But other nations also produce climate data – and their data confirms the findings of US based agencies.

    For example, Japanese, German, Canadian and Danish data on sea ice is available and shows the extent, age and thickness of arctic sea ice continues to decline.

    How did Obama arrange for all those other nations data to be ‘fraudulent’?

    (The sea ice is still at a record low and is not increasing much at all, let alone rapidly. Svalbard still has absolutely no sea ice surrounding it. The ice has retreated around Franz Josef land and may well this week recede in the Bering Strait area…)

    • tonyheller says:

      Total BS

      • Me says:

        Yeah, it is BS! They even had to admit about a cold spot that they diddy not want to claim! But were too butthurt about their BS and claimed later it was a cold spot! After Two years of it!

    • Here is an example of data manipulation in Australia.

      The data for the oldest station reflects the huge changes in the environment of its locality (Sydney) – but is used to “adjust” the temperatures of all other stations in AUSTRALIA.

      Absolutely outrageous!

      “Sydney Observatory where warming is created by site moves, buildings, freeways”


      It is the temperatures at remote locations that should adjust that of the Sydney Observatory – not vice-versa.

      Let’s be quite clear, Australia – like Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Western Europe etc. – are vassals of the USA. They merely follow Washington’s commands.

    • Shooter says:

      Griff, I guess it didn’t occur to you to actually LOOK at that data, did it? The ice in Canada, particularly Hudson Bay and the waters around it, are frozen over.

      Svalbard still has ice, and Franz Josef land has been ice-free before. Do try to look up Earth’s climate history, lad.

  4. Harry MacDougald says:

    Obviously, they don’t go to this much trouble for no reason. The motive of these fraudulent adjustments to temperature records, both paleo and instrumental, is to suppress natural variability and thereby improve the case for attribution of warming to man. This is proven by their overt statements seeking to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period and the 1940’s warming “blip” and by the uniform direction of the fraudulent adjustments.

    Temperature records are one of the three “lines of evidence” upon which EPA and the IPCC rely to attribute warming to man, the argument being that recent observed warming exceeds the scope of natural variability as shown by temperature records and therefore must have an external cause, namely human GHG emissions.

    Therefore, what Tony shows is important not only for its own sake, but also for disproving the grounds upon which recent warming is attributed to man – which are the foundation of the entire green scam and all GHG regulation.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Griff says “…How did Obama arrange for all those other nations data to be ‘fraudulent’?…”

    I guess Griff never heard of the United Nations, the IPCC, or the Climategate e-mails…

  6. Bob Hoye says:

    Governments have been “cooking” number series for a long time.
    Calculation of the CPI inflation has been weird for a long time. Does not include taxation as a cost of living. In the early 1990s political pressures forced the federal level to talk about budgets. Entitlements are based upon the CPI so in order conserve money, the rate of inflation was made to look lower than actual.
    John Williams at Shadow Stats publishes the original calculation vs the “1990” or “Clinton” CPI.
    Bob Hoye

  7. Mickey says:

    Now that 2012 has rolled off the COI Arctic graph it makes 2016 look like an all-time low. How long before some idiot in the media looks at the current COI graph and makes that conclusion?

  8. Rosco says:

    After a series of moderate and strong El-Niño’s together with weak ones there has not been a period of more than a couple of years in ~30 years where there hasn’t been an El-Niño.

    With all that warmer ocean water circulating around the globe it would be surprising if there weren’t slightly lower sea ice levels.

    Combine this with the fact there has not been a strong La-Nina in almost 20 years and the fact that water freezes from the top down and you must conclude the ONLY reason there is ANY polar ice at all is due to the bitterly cold polar air.

    To conclude that “excess” atmospheric radiation as a result of “excess” CO2 causes sea ice loss is absurd when the only reason the ice is there at all is due to the cold air !

    The ocean currents continually funnel warm water to the poles after all.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The next decade or two should be very interesting…
      Glad I moved south years ago to beat the rush. ?

      • Graeme No.3 says:

        Careful, all that heat is dangerous.
        Perhaps why people from the State of Victoria have been moving north to Queensland on retirement for the last 50 years. HANG ON! that means they are moving closer to the Equator….

      • Gail Combs says:

        I have been enjoying the nice sunny 12C/54F weather this afternoon with NO bugs. Of course I am out getting my winter paddocks/running sheds ready for the 29F/-1C with 1 to 3 inches of snow due Saturday.

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