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Fraud “Central” To Climate Science

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. George Orwell Climate experts now say there never was a global warming pause. Four years ago, the recently erased global warming pause was “‘central’ to IPCC … Continue reading

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The Women’s March In Tehran

In 1979, these women marched against being forced to wear Islamic dress. I saw many women at the Women’s March in DC proclaiming their support for Islam. They believe slavery is better than be forced to pay for their own birth control.

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No Global Warming For 25 Years

Satellites show that other than some non-climate fluctuations around the mean, global temperatures are about the same now as they were 25 years ago. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Fake NASA surface temperatures show nearly 0.5C warming during that same … Continue reading

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Berkeley Commies Protest New President

06 Nov 1980, Page 10 – The Oshkosh Northwestern

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