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Marching For Women’s Rights In London

We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Muammar Gaddafi   April 10, 2006

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State Of The “Super-Hot” Arctic Report

Our top government experts say Greenland is melting down, as Greenland blows away all prior records for ice gain – having gained nearly 500 billion tons of ice since September. Their funding depends on lying. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: … Continue reading

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NOAA Turns Cooling Into Warming By Manipulating The Data

Zeke doesn’t like my USHCN raw vs. final graphs, because he says raw data should be adjusted for changes in average latitude over time. Raw data shouldn’t be adjusted, but just to make Zeke happy, I did a much better … Continue reading

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Why Fake Data Matters

Fake data from Zeke Hausfather : Actual data from Carl Mears : after 1998, the observations are likely to be below the simulated values, indicating that the simulation as a whole are predicting too much warming Climate Analysis | Remote … Continue reading

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Obama’s Plans To Bankrupt Americans Being Thwarted

Barack Hussein Obama wanted to make electricity prices skyrocket, but fracking wrecked his plans. He did succeed at making health care costs skyrocket, but President Trump is determined to fix that. Premiums to Skyrocket for Some Obamacare Customers | Health … Continue reading

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Every Day Is Valentine’s Day For Chicago Democrats

On February 14, 1929 seven people were shot in Chicago during the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. February 15, 1929 – HOW MORAN GANG WAS WIPED OUT | Chicago Tribune Archive So far this month, Democrats have shot more than seven people every … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Is OK

On hot days, weather is climate. Only the math-challenged would think 42d > ave is not strange. Seth Borenstein Only the math challenged don’t bother to do the math. Oklahoma had similar temperatures during February 1917 and 1918. In fact, … Continue reading

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More Bad News For Arctic Alarmists

Arctic sea ice extent has been slightly lower this winter than other recent years, because southerly winds in the Barents Sea have been pushing the ice edge back. These same winds are pushing the thick ice towards Alaska, which will make … Continue reading

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Greenland Gaining Five Billion Tons Of Ice Per Day

Experts say the Arctic is “super-hot” and  Greenland is melting down, even as Greenland has gained five billion tons of ice per day this month. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI NASA says the Earth was cold in 1939, back when … Continue reading

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