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California Permanent Drought Update

“There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” Edward Abbey A few months after progressives announced the California permanent drought, California is struggling to get rid of  all their excess water. Oroville … Continue reading

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Six Million Dollar Fraud In San Francisco

This competition in San Francisco is a classic example of how global warming fraud is being used to steal money. Nearly $6 million is being allocated to study sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay. Lab explores projects to … Continue reading

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Spending Trillions To Pretend You Are Saving Billions

The Obama White House, on its way to oblivion, announced that Alaska could save billions of dollars if government spends trillions of dollars pretending they can control the climate. Study: Climate change will be costly to Alaska’s public infrastructure – Alaska … Continue reading

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Climate Doublespeak

The Independent Barents Observer

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Catastrophic Global Warming Is Fake News

Satellites don’t show much warming, but what they do show is fake news. The problem with this graph is that there are two major non-climatic cooling events on the  left side of the graph, and two major short lived warming events … Continue reading

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Before You Ruined The Climate

On this date in 1940, a tornado wiped out Albany, Georgia – with well over 500 casualties. 12 Feb 1940 – 50 DEAD, 500 INJURED IN U.S. TORNADO Experts say CO2 was at very safe levels at that time, the … Continue reading

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Things I Saw On My Bicycle Commute Today

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