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CPAC Photos

Left to right – Dog the Bounty Hunter, Curt Schilling the pitcher, a climate denier, and Dr Etienne, a brave soul running for state senate as a Republican in Prince Georges County – which went 90% for Hillary. Dog and James … Continue reading

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CPAC Panel On Climate Fake News

Steve Milloy, James Delingpole, John Fund and myself did a panel discussion on fake climate news at CPAC, sponsored by the CO2 Coalition. Well worth 90 minutes of your time.  You can watch it on Facebook here.

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CO2 – Planet Destroyer Or Creator Of Life?

I had the pleasure and honor of moderating a very distinguished panel at CPAC sponsored by the CO2 Coalition, with Dr. Craig Idso of CO2 Science and Kathleen Hartnett White of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Kathleen formerly served as head … Continue reading

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Arctic Fake News Reaches Record High

Fake climate scientists, sensing doom, are continuing their non-stop barrage of fake news – claiming the poles are melting down, at a record low, and we need to pay them to refreeze it  Arctic sea ice extent is nearly identical to … Continue reading

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