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NASA / NOAA Climate Data Is Fake Data

NOAA shows the Earth red hot in December, with record heat in central Africa. NOAA Reported The map above is fake. NOAA has almost no temperature data from Africa, and none from central Africa. They simply made up the record … Continue reading

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Nazi Brownshirts Gather At Berkeley

Hundreds of Berkeley Nazi brownshirts attacked free-speech this week, declaring that free speech advocates are “Nazis.” 10 Oct 1970, Page 11 – The Des Moines Register

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85 Years Ago : One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

On May 2, 1932 Lord Rutherford split the atom, which lead to the atom bomb 13 years later. NASA of course says people weren’t intelligent enough to read a thermometer back then. 02 May 1932, Page 4 – Jefferson City Post-Tribune … Continue reading

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Tracking The Super-Hot Melting Arctic

Last November, all of the Google approved official fake news sources announced that the Arctic is super-hot and melting global warming is having even more worrying effects than previously thought. In most years, the sun goes down in mid-October and that … Continue reading

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Springsteen Terrified By The New President

The day after the 1980 election, Bruce Springsteen was terrified by Ronald Reagan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_p2zrAHCxk Almost 40 years later, Bruce hasn’t grown up or learned anything.

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