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Jerry Brown – Striving To Be The Ultimate Moron

Two years ago, Jerry Brown chose to spend $70 billion on a train to nowhere, which he somehow imagined would prevent drought. He could have spent a tiny fraction of that to protect the state from floods. You just can’t … Continue reading

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California : Sanctuary State For Morons

In 2008, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology  announced a permanent drought. This drought may never break – Environment – smh.com.au Listening to these climate snake oil salesmen resulted in the 2011 flooding below the Wivenhoe Dam in Queensland. Government didn’t prepare for heavy rain, … Continue reading

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Massive Flood In California After Two Decades Of Drought

One hundred fifty-five years ago, California had a massive flood after two decades of drought. The only things different were that CO2 was below 300 PPM, they didn’t have the dimwitted Jerry Brown for governor, and the state wasn’t populated by tens of … Continue reading

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At The Boulder Ministry Of Truth

The NCAR museum used to have interesting exhibits, but sometime recently they yanked them and replaced them with unmitigated garbage. I haven’t seen this much brainless climate BS since Trenberth debated Judith Curry at CU three years ago. Don’t fly on airplanes … Continue reading

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