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At CPAC Next Week

I will be speaking as part of two panels at CPAC in Washington DC next week. Other speakers include James Delingpole, Steve Milloy, VP Mike Pence and Senator Ted Cruz.  You might want to make it if you can.

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100% Predictable Fraud From Government Climate Scientists

In 1990, Tom Karl and the IPCC showed that Earth was much warmer 900 years ago, during the Medieval Warm Period (MWP.) 1990 IPCC Report But by 1995, climate scientists had made the decision to get rid of the inconvenient MWP. … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The ice has melted, and love is in the air.

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The Roots Of Climate Insanity

Barack Hussein Obama’s science czar (John Holdren) wanted to cut off the US energy supply 40 years ago. He said less energy means more jobs. The Windsor Star – Google News Archive Search Holdren’s partner, Paul Ehrlich, wanted to put … Continue reading

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