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Progressives Standing Up For Junk Science And Child Abuse

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CO2 Alarmism Endangerment Finding

Climate alarmists are poisoning people by conflating CO2 with actual pollutants. It is time for the EPA to make an endangerment finding against climate alarmism. A Push for Diesel Leaves London Gasping Amid Record Pollution – The New York Times

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Planetary Call To Action

Calling all progressives. Your planet needs you to protest – now more than ever.

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The Heatwave Of February, 1930

On February 25, 1930 the DC area was around 85 degrees. New York City reached 75 degrees, and Rio Grande City, Texas reached 95 degrees. Temperatures in Chicago suburbs reached 67 degrees. Detroit was 66 and Boston was 64.  CO2 … Continue reading

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Arctic Fake News

Every day we are bombarded with stories from fake government agencies and fake news agencies about record Arctic heat and disappearing Arctic ice. In fact, ice has been growing very rapidly every month since September. ‎osisaf.met.no The Arctic is very cold. ESRL … Continue reading

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