85 Years Ago : One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

On May 2, 1932 Lord Rutherford split the atom, which lead to the atom bomb 13 years later. NASA of course says people weren’t intelligent enough to read a thermometer back then.

02 May 1932, Page 4 – Jefferson City Post-Tribune

There are actual scientists, and then there are climate scientists – who announced 85 years ago that melting glaciers would flood New York, London, Paris, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington and Shanghai. Climate science apparently hasn’t made any progress since 1932.

After 90 years of failed experimenting, Communists gave up and switched over to Capitalism. Berkeley students are still stuck in the 1932, however.

Soviet citizens flocked to church in defiance of the Communists. This made progressives very angry.

Progressives are incapable of learning anything from history.

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