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Understanding Consensus

The press refuses to report what tens of thousands of skeptical scientists say, because the press believes that skeptics are in the minority. However, the MSM is more than happy to report on the 6% of idiot Republicans in Congress who still … Continue reading

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EPIC Climate Fraud Comes To An End

Brainless progressives like Barack Hussein Obama believe CO2 looks like this : Epic battle over EPA carbon emissions regulations coming on Monday  This is what CO2 actually looks like. Obama’s anti-American climate scam is officially over. 2018_blueprint.pdf

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Democrats Love Muslims, But Are Terrified By Russians

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Former DNC Head Confirms That The President Was Wiretapped

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March 15, 2017 – Snow In At Least 44 States

The fake news Washington Post said 2017 was the year without a winter. A more accurate description would be “the year without a cherry blossom.“ The fake news New York Times announced the end of snow three years ago. The … Continue reading

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Seeing Without Vision

Boulder progressives imagine the world is falling apart. I saw something completely different riding my bicycle today. Spectacularly clean, reliable fossil fuels.

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