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Donald Trump Turned Her Into A Newt

Michael Moore says Trump destroyed the planet yesterday, and an Arctic researcher said that Trump is busy deleting her work and melting the polar ice caps. She also says that Arctic ice cap has melted this winter at -30C to its lowest level in … Continue reading

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Mikey’s Antarctic Snake Oil

In yesterday’s hearing, top climate fraudster Mikey Mann ranted that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is collapsing due to your SUV. Forty years ago this same scam was the lead story in the Chicago Tribune, but the National Science Foundation said at … Continue reading

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Cyclical Climate Behavior

New research shows that climate fraudsters recycle the same idiocy every 30 years.

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There Is No Question …. That Michael Mann Lied To Congress

At the House Science Committee hearing today, Mikey Fraudster Mann said : there is no question the two main ice sheets are losing mass I fixed it for him : there is no question that Mann lied repeatedly during his testimony Antarctica is … Continue reading

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Cycling Drama

I was riding home this evening and saw this guy right over the trail. I got a few good pictures of him before he flew off to another tree and got in an argument. I’m not certain who won, but … Continue reading

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