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Massive Fraud At NASA Climate

The primary tool of global warming alarmists is claiming that 97% of scientists agree with them. They normally cite this NASA web page which says: 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past … Continue reading

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Fake News New York Times Fails To Cover Their Tracks

The fake news New York Times had a front page headline a few weeks ago bragging about the fact they had leaked Trump wiretap data. This was a blatant attempt to taint the president’s inauguration. Now they want to deny … Continue reading

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Fake News Came Early At The New York Times

Six days ago, the fake news New York Times said spring came early, and blamed your SUV. Spring Came Early. Scientists Say Climate Change Is a Culprit. – The New York Times This is what Times Square looks like right … Continue reading

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Washington Post To Reach Peak Idiocy On March 14

Two weeks ago, the fake news Washington Post predicted peak bloom on March 15. we predict the cherry trees will reach peak bloom between March 15 and 19 Cherry blossom forecast: Peak bloom will be close to record-early this year – … Continue reading

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More Bad News For Arctic Alarmists

Ice in the Beaufort Sea and Northwest Passage is much thicker than last year. The bad news keeps piling up for alarmists. DMI Modelled ice thickness

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The Year Without A Single Accurate News Story

A few weeks ago the Washington Post said : this will be remembered as a year without a winter — for a second straight year. ‘Fast-forward spring’: America’s February warmth is extreme, and it’s just getting started – The Washington Post What … Continue reading

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Today’s Birds

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No Trend In Arctic Sea Ice Extent For Ten Years

Since the 2007 peak ten years ago this week, Arctic sea ice extent has trended upwards slightly. masie_4km_allyears_extent_sqkm.csv A Google search for “Arctic ice disappearing” turns up 453,000 fake news results. Leading government experts predicted the ice would disappear in … Continue reading

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