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St Patrick’s Day 1945

On St. Patty’s Day 1945, Washington DC was close to 90 degrees. This year they are frozen.

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St. Patty’s Day 1910

On this date in 1910, Boulder, Colorado reached 90 degrees. This year we are having a heatwave and are 20 degrees cooler than 1910.

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St Patricks Day 1908

On St. Patty’s Day 1908, almost half of the US was over 80F and Texas reached 103F. CO2 was 300 PPM at the time.

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A New Monument In DC

Global Warming Scam Memorial A snow mountain has been constructed between the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, to commemorate the first year in history which the Cherry Blossom Festival was frozen out. The fake news Washington Post predicted a record early … Continue reading

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St. Patricks Day 1936

1936 was the most extreme year in US history, with the hottest summer and some of the coldest winter weather on record. It also featured massive floods, dust storms, drought and tornadoes. On this date in 1936, much of the … Continue reading

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GHCN Software Release

I have released a new version of my GHCN software. It is much faster at obtaining NOAA data and should work on Mac, Linux or Cygwin on Windows.  Download the software here . Then run these commands from a Linux, Mac or Cygwin … Continue reading

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Do Climate Skeptics Weigh The Same As A Duck?

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. Galileo Galilei

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Record Daily Temperature Fraud On The Rise

Besides the normal pack of lies from government agencies about temperature, one of the worst frauds is their claim that record daily temperatures  are on the rise. This is the exact opposite of what is happening. Using a stable set … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff I Saw Today

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